Friday, March 22, 2013

Thank You For Reading all this while

After having spent the one year in quandary, I realise I did not have much time to update this blog.

Thank you for the time you have spent following this blog but I have decided to migrate my future entries to my personal blog.

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Oriental Tit Tar & Osteo Care: My First Visit

So after 14 days of enduring back pain, I decided to make my way to Oriental Tit Tar. I had waited two weeks for the swelling to reduce in case it was just normal muscle pain. However the pain was still there....

Front desk information counter
Their services include treatment for Automobile Accidents, Bone Setting, Back/Leg/Neck Pain, Domestic Injuries, Golf Injuries, Joint Dislocation, Sports Injuries, Occupational Related, Shoulder.Elbow& Wrist pain.

There is an outlet located in OUG, so I decided to head there after the Shu Uemura launch at noon today.
I parked my car, bought a parking coupon, and walked over to the shop at 4:07pm. Waiting time took about twenty minutes, so I watched a TVB series which was showing on television in the front desk waiting hall.

TV for patients in the waiting hall
 I told Paul, the sifu some of my symptoms, and he proceeded to ask me a few diagnostic questions. I told him I could not bend my back for 14 days. He then led me to lie on my stomach on this chiropractor bench. It looked similar to the one belonging to the Taiwanese chiropractor I visited in Sydney, near Chinatown.

 For the ladies, let it be known that the sifu will have to unfold the top you're wearing as you lie on your front in order to look at your back. The sifu then used his hands to feel along my backbone. After asking me to hold myself in a few body postures, he managed to 'stretch' and 'realign' my backbone. He then applied a herbal treatment bandage on my lower back, telling me to remove it only the following morning when I wake up. After about 5 minutes or 10 mins, the treatment was completed.

Food to avoid
The sifu then proceeded to inform me that as I had injured my back, I was to avoid chicken meat, eggs, cold drinks, etc. etc. He also advised to avoid any stimulating exercises, and running! *gasp!*

 I was completely at ease as I had been to a chiropractor in Sydney for a few months, and was familiar with their movements. Also, in Sydney, they chiropractor I went to was a Masters holder, and studied at least 7 years, so I was at least comforted by the idea that she knew what she was doing.

Appointment Card & Medicine

 The bill came up to Rm100, which includes a packet of herbal medicine for me to take, the herbal pack application, consultation and treatment. Its not cheap, but it beats being in the dark, going twice to a thai massage and having no idea if you have injured your back. ^^

Business Hours:
Mon- Friday 12pm-9pm
Sat: 12pm- 5pm
Sunday: Off
No 2, Jln Hujan Rahmat 3, Tmn OUG
016-3333 767

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Estuary Medispa & Esthetics: Cosmocell Bio Shock Facial

Today was my off day, and I had plans to go for a thai massage. Somehow that plan did not come to pass....

Somehow instead, I ended up heading to Estuary Medispa to utilize my friend's Balinese style 60 mins body massage from the mini package. My friend didn't have the time to come in at the last minute, so I was the lucky mate instead. ^^

Taking two flights of escalators up the Scotts Garden building complex, along Old Klang Road, this building is really one of the more convenient places one can go to have their facials done. Parking is easy. Buses and cabs pass by this building every minute of the hour.

There's even going to be a new gym, Chi, which will be opened in June 2013! How convenient is that?

Ground front-desk waiting lounge
Estuary hallway to the massage rooms- Ground Level
Estuary front desk- stairway to the first floor

All Estuary pictures above are taken from their official website
Estuary MediSpa has a few types of services in their menu, which includes massages, facials, manicures and pedicures. It also offers the placenta injections, as well as 'golden thread' (999 gold, from what I hear) and retails up to Rm30,000 at least. This is only for the older folks whose faces are sagging... >_<

As I was looking for a facial treatment to do, I decided to try their first trial Cosmocell Bio Cell Shock Treatment which was selling at Rm120. Before going for the facial, one of my friends advised me to try out their Japanese Synergy Sauna (from my friend's it was free). It is this room with lots of heated magnets (no idea how it works) but it is supposed to improve your blood circulation, and helps to open up pores.

Before going into the sauna, the therapist will hand you a pair of disposable bikini to change into. It is also advisable to take a shower before going into the sauna room.

After that, I changed back into my own clothes. I was then ushered up the stairs to the first floor where the facial rooms were. It was across the hall from where the nail salon area is located.

My facial started around 3pm. The therapist actually used a technology which I have not been privy to before this, which is the BB scrub- a gel solution and a little contraption with a metal 'scrubber' which works together open the pores and makes it easier to remove blackheads. It replaces the use of a steamer, which blows hot air to a client's face to open up the pores.

My face was rather dehydrated so it took a little longer for the therapists during the extraction process. Due to this rather stimulating process, the therapist used a kind of ultrasound contraption to calm my face before proceeding to the next step.

By the time I was done, it was 5.30pm. Overall it was a different experience from my normal facial salon that I also frequent in the same building.

I ended up purchasing another four facial package for Rm480 from the consultant, Eugine. I quite like the fact that the location is convenient, as well as the facial being quite thorough.

Front cover of the box holding products for the Bio Cell Shock  Treatment facial.
4 packs of Masks, 4 bottles of Cell Extract.
Current promo at Estuary Medispa till further notice. 
Estuary Medispa & Esthetics
S-2-23, The Scott Garden,

Kuala Lumpur
Contact: +603 7983 8998
Operating hours:
10am- 8.30pm

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Laneige: Brighten Up Roadshow @ Mid Valley Megamall.

Laneige is currently having roadshow in Midvalley this week. Their Brighten Up roadshow location is right outside Jusco AEON, Ground Floor.

 To be eligible for the makeover and photography session, just purchase the RM150 voucher, and then make an appointment to come in for the makeover by 17th March 2013!

The voucher can be used to purchase any product up to the value of RM150.. the rest, well,  you top up if it exceeds the value (of course!)

The RM150 Promo. Valid until this Sunday only!
All the Laneige accessories. Lovely Make up Artist. ^^
My friend, Calvin T. playing hide and seek during tea. ^^
After make over. ^^
Finished picture (Lamination cost extra RM10).
The makeover is a good way to try out the range of colour cosmetics from Laneige. Personally, I prefer darker colours, as Laneige's range is much too pastel for my liking.


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