Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Osmosis Chiropractor

I went to see a Chiropractor on Sunday. My back was hurting from the week before so I went to see one that a good friend of mine recommended. You could say I was a bit nervous as it was my first time in seeing a 'bone doctor'.

Anyways, to share my experience, I was hurting really badly on Wednesday the same week. Hence, by Sunday, I had no choice but to get it seen by a doctor.

The doctor is a chinese lady from Taiwan by the name of Jennifer. She did her Chiropractor studies for a total of five years, so she is definitely trained in that area.

The doctor had me do a few body movements to determine the level of my injury. Then I was made to lie on my front on this 'long chair' which she used to do a few adjustments to my spine.

I was told that the spinal chord was hurting the muscles around my pelvis bone. So all three areas were inextricably somehow affected, where the muscles were badly inflamed.

By Tuesday (the next appointment), I was feeling a lot better. The parts which were hurting was still tender, but they did not hurt as much. So yes, my spine did respond well to the treatments rendered.

I ended up making the decision to purchase a 12 visit card for about 480aud (price as at the time of writing). If you have private insurance, you can make a claim of some of the monies paid.

As my spinal chord is not exactly in the best possible shape (regardless of whether I have subscribed to health insurance), it still is a good investment. Compared to beauty services, this is something that will affect my health in the long term, so it was a no brainer decision.

The initial consultation fee is 55aud if you tell the doctor you are recommended by another patient. (meaning me) *haha*.

My next appointment is this coming Friday. We shall see the progress of my spinal health in the weeks to come.

Her information are as follows:
Dr. Jennifer Huang
Osmosis Chiropractic.
Level 12, World Tower Commercial
Unit 1216, 87-89 Liverpool St
T: 02- 9264 7079.
M: 0410 819 897.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Korean Hair Manicure

On Monday afternoon, I made a visit to the korean hair salon on Liverpool St. (near World Plaza) for a Hair Manicure. I paid 99aud for threw hair manicure and hair cut.

I was thinking of having a hand manicure, but one can get that done anywhere in Australia.
But Hair Manicure? That technique is only available in korean, and perhaps japanese hair salons.

The entire process took an hour. First the hairdresser washed and dried my hair.

The 'hair manicure' application is done similarly to that of a hair colouring application. The treatment used has some colour in it, so your hair would have some tint on it thereafter.

The hairdresser advised me to not wash my hair until Wednesday.

The starting price was 99aud onwards, depending on hair length. Some shops quoted me 120aud for my hair length.

How does it look? Well, it does look shinier a bit, and brown....

Hmm... the hair does look somewhat tinted... (I am actually a bit at loss for words how to describe it). Just shinier.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Guess haul

So this was the purchase made today.

Total cost: 150AUD for two handbags, and three ladies purses.

*Not bad*

GUESS bags 80%warehouse sale,
Wednesday 2nd - Sunday 6th November 2011
Time: 10 am - 6 pm
Address: Unit 7/5-9 Ricketty street
Mascot NSW Australia

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