Monday, December 3, 2012

Elken: Fujita Lactose-S review

A few months back, I bought a three pack of Lactose- S from Elken. I
wanted to try out the effectiveness of their health products.

The Elken website claims:

'Fujita Lactose-S is a 100% natural health supplement to help in

maintaining clean and healthy intestines. It contains 1 billion

friendly bifidus bacteria as well as other types of good bacteria to

maintain an ideal acidic environment for retarding the proliferation

of bad bacteria.

The lactose content also helps increase the balance of good bacteria

in the intestines to a healthy level. Furthermore, its fermentation

will release carbonic acid gas to gently enlarge intestinal walls and

stimulate peristaltic movements, thus helping to expel stubborn waste

from the intestines.

Fujita Lactose-S is also symbiotic. In other words, it contains both

prebiotics and probiotics, thus helping to promote good intestinal

flora and better intestinal health. Besides, it contains dietary

fibre, oat extract and vitamin C and it is an effective slimming aid.'

Weeks pass but I've yet to actually open the darn thing. However,
having not done any detoxification in the last two months, I decided
to give it a go.

Day 1:
At about 15:00 hours on 2nd Dec, I mixed the contents of the sachet in
a glass of cold water and drank it. According to the instructions, I'm
not supposed to partake of any food 3 hours before or 4 hours after.

Within the first 3 hours, I felt the effects. Unfortunately, it was
kind of the wrong timing, as I could feel and hear liquids moving
inside of me, and I was going out to watch a live Performance on the
same evening.

Granted, I kept running back to the toilet every one hour as my
insides were having a jolly good turbulent time.

Day 2: (3rd December)

Today was a slightly less uncomfortable day than the day before. I did
not have to make way to the bathroom for any bowel movements, but I
did feel rumbling and wind in my insides which was a bit
uncomfortable, but less than the day before.

It was comfortable enough for me that I could make my way to S2
Slimming for a two hour treatment, without just a bit of air expulsion
every now and then.

To be continued. . .

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pondering away in Malacca

Sharing the pictures taken on birthday day trip to Malacca recently.

Currently 33 and loving it!! Pictures courtesy of Asta Loh.


For more pictures and story of our Malacca trip, please click here.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pictures courtesy of Asta Loh.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

French Sole Winter Launch

So on one lovely Saturday morning (13th October 2012), my BFF, Asta Loh and I made our way down to the French Sole Autumn Collection, located in KLCC. (This is a very much belated post ^^)

French Sole mostly retails flats and ballet flats, which Asta seemed to find a liking to. Pictures were taken using her Samsung Note and assembled using the app Grid.

 Lovely pastries to whet our appetite.
 White wine and french pastries. ^^
 Enjoying a cup of tea.
 Cheers! ^^

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

PJ Half Marathon 2012: Post Marathon Recovery.

PJ Half Marathon Number: J8710
So it's been two days after the PJ Half Marathon on Sunday.
My kneecaps were stretched and hurting about an hour after the marathon. I had woken up at 4am, then drove to the place with my companion, and arrived at Stadium Kelana Jaya by 5am.
The place was already bustling with so many people walking about by the time we got off the car.

Festival Camaradarie: Not exactly Half Marathon runners, I guess? LOL.
 So these are my records:
I completed the 3km race in 22 mins. My right heel was blistering and hurting, which I believe was due to ill fitting shoes needed for a marathon.
My companion completed it in 15-18 mins (she didn't carry a watch, so time can't be confirmed). She was wearing New Balance shoes, and her stamina was a lot better than mine.

Lovely new New Balance shoes. RM113.
New Shoes:
Anyways, bought myself a new pair of running shoes size 5 (kids size) from New Balance. They had set up a stall at the place, and since my Clarks "sports look a like" shoe wasn't doing me any good, I decided to just give it a go.
Cost? N.P RM189. After 40% Discount: Rm113. New Balance salesperson says the shoes can support up to at least 15km in one run only. Lifespan to be replaced every 850km.
Post Race Recovery:  
Read this linke here to find out more on Post Race Recovery

Thursday, September 13, 2012

London Weight Management: A Time Wasting Free Trial.

Today a mate of mine, Shelby dragged me to London Weight Management. This was the outlet located in MidValley Shopping Mall.

4 words to describe the experience:
Total Waste Of Time.

The first thing they asked when we come in is to ask us to show our Identification Card. We reached the placed about 7pm ish. Then we had to measure our height and weight. My weight was pretty correct. My normal height is 158cm but my height was measure at 156.6cm, which is close to 3cm below my normal height, which I noted. Shelby also commented the same for her height as well.

The consultants told us we had to be separated for the consultation, which would take place after the treatment.. So fine.... But wait, there was another consultation prior to the treatment.

By the time the consultant came in to speak me, it was close to 8pm.

Chea Yee:
Let me share my side of the story. Speaking to me in cantonese, she filled in my profile card noting that my weight and height in a measurement card for BMI.

As said, my height was about 3cm lower than what I normally was (which is impossible for anyone to shrink unless you were a grandmother in your 80s). It also affects your ideal BMI weight by about 3kgs.

I duly informed the consultant that it was impossible for my height to shrink by 3cm, and they had a problem with their height equipment. The consultant denied their machine had a problem, but I said no.

Then the consultant asked me to strip some, so I was there wearing my Elken girdle which bounded my tummy. She then went on about how dangerous to wear a girdle, and it is not good. Blah Blah Blah.. (strange, that was not what the therapist in S2 slimming said. In fact it was the total opposite story).

The consultant described the entire package etc etc to me and what we would get. Then she asked how often would I be able to come in, and how many times do I want?

Knowing that she was trying to psycho me into agreeing, I said 'no, I haven't thought about either. Just not thinking about it' (a bloody good blur reply, if I may say.)

Then she asked me to show my bank credit/debit card to entitle for 'free scrub'. I told her I wasn't interested.

She even asked me to pay for the 'ampoule' which she could then upgrade the treatment for which I am guessing would probably cost Rm120.

Frankly I told her that if it wasn't for my mate, I wouldn't have come. Having said that, my consultant was a little milder than Shelby's by comparison.

My mate who is super skinny also couldn't escape from the clutches of their sales talk.

She was really cross with the consultant, Y who had pinched her arm and said to her in Mandarin, 'you think yourself very skinny, is it?'.

Shelby, though 23, is the plucky kind, so she shot her back telling the consultant how they were wasting our time for nothing waiting since 7pm ish.

Shelby even shared that the consultant had mentioned that the consultant had points which they had to use for customers which could be used to redeem points for rewards.

If that is so, does that mean the consultants pick and choose which of the customers to give free treatments based on those who pay, or give favourable replies to signing up?? Tsk Tsk Tsk.

The Sneaky Credit/Debit Card trick:t
The 'show them ur credit/debit card' is a very sneaky trick... Wahhhhhhhhh damn dangerous. Who knows if they swipe your card halfway and keep your card hostage...

These people might even do that. Wasting two hours of our time. It is better to not entertain any of these so called 'free treatment' and better just pay for the first trial.

We had arrived about 7ish, and by the time the consultant were almost done talking it was closing to 8.45pm.

Then they asked us to make an appointment to come in for another day for the free treatment. I thought no way, (which is probably what they wanted??) since we didn't pay. (not that I cared)

A check on the internet showed quite a number of complaints both across the border in Singapore to Malaysia, so I believe this is how their management must have trained their staff to be like.

So guys, please do your research before heading into these places. Use your brains before letting your emotions overrule you.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

What crazy things would you do with Rm15,000?

I was at an Elken Ken Sigma product training today. The trainer, Alvin, asked us to write down a list of things we would do if we could earn Rm15,000.

1. Take my parents and brother out for a Rm1,500- 2,000) dinner.

2. Spend Rm1,000 on luxurious dog food and dog spa for Vicky, my handsome mixed breed dog.

3. Spend one night at the Penthouse in a luxurious hotel in Kuala Lumpur, and bring my family along. (Rm2,000?)

4. Buy Rm5,000 worth of Elken Charms lingerie set.

5. Spend the remaining (Rm5,000 ish) on makeover with a famous fashion stylist.

What crazy things would you do?

The trainer, Alvin has actually done all this. He continues to say this:

'If you can afford to spend this much on the things you have never dreamt of, it just shows you are capable of earning this SILLY much to spend this SILLY much!'

Are you ready to earn that Rm15,000 yet???

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Elken: Corpsdevere DX Photo Journey

I havent taken much pictures of myself in it the last half year as I have seriously turned into a huge fat blob.....

                                                    June 2012: 
Sentosa Island - notice my disappearing waist line .... 

                                                         July 2012:
With my korean mate, Jo. Ballooning up!

A Famosa- waistline could fill spaces in a triangular prism!

The first two pictures were taken before I bought the Corpsdevere DX. My waist is very obviously non existent! I ballooned to my maximum in June 2012!

                                                    August 2012:

This picture on the bottom was taken in August with me wearing the Corpsdevere DX Body Shaper. Couple this with a minimum of at least two evenings of exercise each week and cutting down on my food portions, my waist is beginning to make its appearance.

I'm still not there yet, but slowly making progress and waiting for the day where I can do without the body shaper but use only the Waist Nipper for maintainence  >_<


Like what you see? If you are interested to get the Corpsdevere DX, leave me a comment with your details and I will get back to you.

Elken: A Scam?

Today I realized for the 2nd time, how people can be hostile towards even their own blood relatives who have joined a MLM/Direct Marketing company.

In this instance, after the second time I had asked a cousin to go on a fitting, I was sent a lovely five paragraph email detailing how she didn't want to give me the false impression that she would buy from me. She then went on this lovely story on how she was planning an overseas trip and it was all too costly. (there I was thinking, 'did I ask?').

When queried, a mate quipped that telling your mates that you have joined a Direct Marketing company will engender the same horrified response as someone who is trying to share with them of how the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ saves all mankind from their ugly and dark sins.

*Sounds like a good idea*. Perhaps I should share about Elken and Jesus Christ at the same time, hence killing two birds with one stone.

*Laughs Wickedly* *Gives Evil Look*

Regardless of how others think, remember that the decision to join an MLM or Direct Marketing company is one that no one can coerce you into. If you don't trust or like their products, you should not join no matter how lucrative others say the business is.

In my instance, I really love their Elken DX Corpsdevere Waist Nipper. I love that I no longer look like the blop that I was one month ago in July 2012. Flipping through my photos in July, my waist could pass for a rectangular prism and you wouldn't think twice!

Some people seem to think that MLM is a short cut business, and a get rich scheme. It couldn't be further from the truth.

Everything comes at a price. Goal setting, hard work, patience, and smart networking is essential to make it big whether its blogging, climbing up the corporate ladder, or starting your own business.

Overcoming one's aversion to pain and hardwork is all you need. That my friend, is THE secret to success.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

La Senza Shows Off

Another belated post. One fine Saturday in August, bff Asta Loh and I made our way to Pavilion. Tammy Lim (Plus Size Kitten) and Fatin (Chocolate Catz) were already the early birds there ^^

Taking a girly group picture

Yummy treats and sweets.

Hunky guys to hang out with.

CY and Asta Loh

Monday, August 13, 2012

Corpsdevere DX Waist Nipper

I was wearing the Corpsdevere DX Waist Nipper to work today in a body hugging dress. The first response was through my colleague's eyes that turned big and wide, and the second was them saying 'Wow... You waist is so thin!'.

Okay, that seemed to say a lot, even though I haven't really lost any weight yet... LOL

Anyways, I have been wearing the Corpsdevere DX for the last few days. A few hours into wearing it, I realise that the areas around my waist and my boobs started to itch.

When I asked my cousin in law (who also owns an older edition of the DX) about it, she told me that it means my blood is circulating, which is a good thing.

A read on the manual explains that:

'The foundation lingerie functions to shape your body. Therefore, it must 'stick' to your skin. When this occurs, the blood circulation system under the skin will be stimulated. Thus, itchiness will occur.'

Apparently this is only for the short term, and after a while, the itchiness will subside.

The cleaning of the Corpsdevere DX has also been quite easy. I use the Lingerie Cleaning liquid which is sold by Elken for this purpose.

It is about 10ml for about 5 litres of water. Since I don't have that much to clean, I measure it pro rata in the included measuring cap before pouring it from the bottle.

First I run the used lingerie in the water through water. Like how you clean your dishes, one does not straight away add washing liquid before running it through water. The same concept applies here.

Then we add the appropriate amount of lingerie cleaning liquid to the basin and let the dirty lingerie soak for about 10-15 minutes before rinsing it in clean water.

After rinsing the detergent off, I dry the wet lingerie between a clean dry towel to let the towel soak up the water. I leave it that way and go off to do my own errands for about ten minutes.

Then I return and take the lingerie off and let it dry in a room with airconditioning. It will dry within an hour.

Now don't you think the cleaning is rather easy, quick and fast?

Saturday, August 11, 2012

I bought Elken Elysyle Corpsdevere DX

Recently a colleague of mine who is an Elken member asked me to go and have a look at their Elysyle Corpsdevere DX body shaping lingerie.

I have been quite interested in their body lingerie from a very long time ago, but just did not see the need to have a fitting until recently.

Something sparked my interest to try out the bodywear after having tried Easecox's. After having a fitting of their Elysyle DX, I had a think about it for the next few days.

Just like the dream of every teenager and young adult to have perfect teeth, they go to the orthodontist to have their teeth straightened.

It is also the dream of every woman to own a shaping lingerie that not only makes them looking sexy and elegant, but could shape and mould their bodies to look better, slimmer and hot!

My upline,Sook Keny has five children with the eldest being 12, and the youngest 2. She does not look a day over 40.. and has an hourglass figure!! She's been wearing the DX for 10 years.

Looking at my own physical condition, where I was veering on plump, and no longer fitting into any of my clothes in the last 6 months.

I didn't succeed very well with taking supplements or dieting, and already started on the physical exercise. I thought it was time I took a plunge into shaping lingerie.

The Elken Corpsdevere DX claims to
- Push Fat
- Reposition Fat
- Lock in the Position of Fat
- Straighten the Back (Waist Nipper/Body Shaper)
- Halt the effects of gravity.

Elken Corpsdevere DX
After considering my options, I decided to just go for 1 x DX Long Set - Waist Nipper (regular) which is retailing at the Normal Price of Rm2725.00, but members can purchase it at a lower price of Rm2475.00.

The second set which is the -1x waist Nipper set + 1 x body Shaper (regular) size retails at normal price of Rm5375, but members can purchase it at a lower price of Rm4855.

I also decided to join as member for Rm75 as Elken currently had a welcome gift retailing for Rm99 which covers the member joining fee. Further too, my total purchases as a member would allow me to get a rebate at the end of the month. That sounded pretty good to me.

Anyways, good news to those who don't own a credit card. Elken actually has an agreement with AEON which arranges for 36 month instalment plan with interest for customers who do not own a credit card.

We'll measure my progress as it goes along.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

S2 Slimming: Arms & Shoulder Treatment

This morning, I went to S2 Slimming in Kuchai Lama.

The movements of my arms and shoulders have been feeling somewhat less fluid and clogged in the past few weeks, so when the head therapist, Florence, asked me what I wanted, I asked her to work on my arms...

First she used the G5 machine which works on the surface on both sides of my arms and shoulders for about 7+ minutes on each side.(15 mins treatment)

Then I was sent off for steam bath for about 20 minutes, where the occurring perspiration was supposed to help the blood circulate. After which, she applied the cupping machine (CST) for about 15 mins to each side of my shoulder (30 mins treatment).

The treatment ended with an application of a hot clay mask and Infra Red Lamp for 30 minutes.

I came out with greenish blue black bruises on both sides of my shoulder that my mates were wondering if I was beaten up on the streets and got my purse snatched! LOL.

We shall see the progress of the treatment works, which claims to assist in the circulation of the blood vessels around my arms.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Acuvue Dailies for Astigmatics.

Earlier this evening, I went to the Eye Street Optometrist at The Scotts Garden.

Acuvue 1 Day Moist for Astigmatism had been advertising their free trial promotion for customers, and the address for this outlet was found on their local website, hence the reason for my visit there.

I was actually wearing a pair of coloured toric lenses, but my eyes were reddening, so the optometrist told me that the pair I was wearing was ill suited for my eyes, and informed me to discontinue wearing it to avoid an infection from taking place.

Coloured Toric Lens also weren't so suitable for patients with really dry eyes, as the coloured layer made it more difficult for eyes to breathe as well..... Zzz, oh well.

I was informed that patients with dry eye conditions are normally not suitable candidates for Lasik operation, as it will further make eyes drier. A side effect of patients who had undergone the Lasik operation is the dry eye condition, hence.

So, I had my eyes fitted for a free trial pair of acuvue lens for astigmatics.

For astigmatics, the degree of the vision of the eyes depends on the axis of the lens. As such, eye fittings are very important to determine accurate eye power vision.

After getting my eyes checked, I filled in a form. They then told me I could come and collect the trial lens once the manufacturers had sent in the stock.

We'll wait and see the outcome in the next few weeks to come.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Amway Detox: Day 4 boot camp

So this is a continuation of my detox boot camp. Please take note that I am not a member of Amway, but a number of my peers are.

Day 4
Friday's menu: The start of the detox proper regime using blended fruits and vegetables with supplements from Nutrilite.

Outcome: This morning, I had some carrot juice. For lunch, I bought some a tetra pack of Mango, and Carrot juice from Peel Fresh at the Central grocers.

I realised I started to fart more with it smelling more putrid even from yesterday. Three frequency was higher today, but I was told it was normal.

So one of my mates upline, Robert, came to pick me up from my office. Using his GPS, we managed to reach our detox camp at Genting View Resort safely.

The temperature wasn't very cold though. You could walk around in tee shirt and shorts even at night.

Anyways, one of the members took my measurements at the clubhouse on our arrival.

Measured my weight: 64.2 kilos
Waist cm: Cant remember.

Upon checking in to our rooms in the Meranti block, our boxes of fruits (about Rm50) had been delivered. Each person participating in the camp had their own boxes of fruits.

Each person driving a car was given a 'car pass' they had to show to the personnel manning the gatehouse to each apartment block.

In all, there were about 9 persons staying in the same apartment.

Day 5: Saturday
Learnt a bit more how to work the Philips juicer and how the supplements worked.

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner: It was juice for all three rounds with the main vegetables being about
- 7 carrots
- 6 green apples
- 1 cucumber
- half a lemon
- quarter of pineapple

The juice actually tastes better with pineapple and green apple added to the carrot juice.

We used a Philips Juicer which allows you to insert the full fruit into the machine without needed to cut it up to smaller pieces. It would cost about Rm500 ish at RRP.

In the morning, we had a treasure hunt and had to walk by foot around Genting View Resort. I just realised just how out of exercise I was.. LOL.

In the afternoon, we attended an info session on the detox and how the fruits and Nutrilite supplements worked. The info sessions were divided into English and Mandarin language sessions. At the end of the info sessions, there was a quiz with some lucky participants walking off with some special prizes.

All participants had to take the supplements from Day 4 to Day 6 of supplements, however a mate informed me that I should have started from the Detox. I guess thats up to my preference.

Day 6:
Today was the last day of our detox. So I managed to finish all my fruits and veges that came in my box. We had a photo session about 10ish, and checked out of the apartments about 11ish in the morning.

As our fruit supply was running out, Robert and I had to head to the grocers near my place to get more fruits and veges. It cost me about Rm27 just for everything. That's a lot of money just for fruits ...... Zzz

(I figure it might actually be cheaper and time efficient to just grab a drink from Juice Works in future!).

Trying to make juice without a juicer is seriously time consuming and messy! I just realised that I have a pile of food processors, but not a single Juicer machine at home.

Ended up with a pile of tomato and cucumber puree when I tried to juice it the old fashioned way. LOL...

So far I have dropped from 64.2kilos to 62.6 kilos, with a waist cm loss of 5 cm, which is fairly healthy.

It must have been all the water loss, and my intestines clearing itself of all that junk inside!

I doubt I could have attempted a 6 day detox without rice and carbs on my own. At least now I know at least for me, how difficult it is to even lose 1 kilo even when one stops taking rice and carbs for a time when you start out.

Post Detox will be for another 3 days, which will be a mirror image of the Pre Detox regime, which is slowly reintroducing solid foods into the system.

Tomorrow is Day 7, which will be Post Detox. We'll see what adventure tomorrow brings.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Amway Detox Bootcamp

So I recently signed up for an Detox Bootcamp under the organizer, Amway. I decided to join as one of my mates, Jason, was raving about the results he had achieved after going through the bootcamp.

Apparently he had lost ten kilos and thought it would do me some good to participate in the bootcamp.If you are wondering, I am not a member of Amway. I just use my friend's account to purchase Amway products when I need to. ^_^

Day 1
15th May 2012, Tuesday's menu: One meat type allowed. Fish is the best. Steamed food preferable. Protein drinks can be taken.

Outcome: I texted my mother the menu, so she'd know what I can take for the next couple of days and prepare accordingly.

For breakfast, I had a glass of milk. For lunch, 2 x fried eggs, one glass of teh tarik.

For dinner, it was I had boiled cabbage, steamed fish, soup and orange for dinner... I'm still hungry.. No rice...

Day 2
16th May, 2012: Wednesday's menu: Only cooked veges. Whole or half boiled eggs allowed. No meat is to be taken. Protein drinks can be taken. Eggs still allowed, to avoid bananas if possible, citrusy fruits preferable, no meat, and sugary drinks to avoid.

Outcome: I had tomato stew with eggs for breakfast, two eggs and a milk tea for lunch, and tomato stew with eggs for dinner.

Day 3
17th May 2012, Thursday's menu: Only fresh veges and fruits. No cooked food. Salads are to be taken without any dressings. No more cooked food, no eggs, no meat.

Outcome: For breakfast, I ended up having two eggs, and orange juice. Couldn't find anything else to have. I found it strange I was feeling rather lethargic today, and even after two eggs, I was still hungry.

Due to fatigued, I succumbed to buying a packet of broadbeans. After some chewing actions, I regained some strength.

For lunch: a tumbler of cut fruits from Sri Kota supermarket in Taman Desa.

Dinner was a bowl of cherry tomatoes, romaine leaves, pineapple, grapes, and kiwifruit dressing. YuM.

On second thoughts, perhaps cherry tomatoes wasn't such a good idea as its sour. When I was living in Sydney, my housemate taught me this tip to use kiwifruit dressing to reduce the intensity of its taste.I'm not a huge fan of cherry tomatoes or kiwifruit dressing anyways.

I'm veering back and forth between having cravings for Nasi Lemak. But no, I can distract myself..

I weighed myself today. The manual weighing machine stated 62kilos. Sounds like a good start from the normal 63.8 kilos I was on Sunday.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cod Liver Oil & Vit C for cold, coughs and the flu.

So I caught a fever in the last two days, and I've been taking vitamin C (1000mg), manuka honey and also cod liver oil (1000mg). I did take paracetamol twice so far, but decided to cut down on it.
The advice went:
"If you would like to see for yourself (pun intended) if Vitamin C will help you prevent or minimize colds, please follow the following procedure:
Take Vitamin C to bowel tolerance limit twice a day. If you start to feel a cold coming on, increase this level to at least 1000mg per hour or as much as you can tolerate. This must be started IMMEDIATELY.
Continue this for as long as your bowel tolerance level stays high.
While the C will help no matter when you take it, once the infection has a foothold, it will not be AS effective."

A comment on fish liver old went as follows:
FOR A FLU, 1000mg (or 1g) of COD LIVER OIL
FOR A COLD 1000mg (or 1g or a capsule)
Heck, personally I dont like anything that smells like fish, so maybe Scott's Emulsion Orange will have to do in future...
The information page for Scott's state:
Per Scott's Emulsion Cod liver oil 1,384 mg,
Na hypophosphite 73.9, vit A 850 IU, vit D 85 IU,
Ca hypophosphite 147.7 mg.
Per Scott's Emulsion Orange Cod liver oil 17.25 g, vit A 850 IU, vit D 85 IU, Ca hypophosphite 414 mg
Totally unrelated, but since I do take kimchi, it is said to aid in maintenance of good digestion due to its content of probiotics. However thats for long term maintenance, not when my body has already caught an infection. Oh well.....
So what do you take to maintain your health these days?

 My health was back to normal after 7 days. I was still heaty, but it was not as bad as my friend Jason who took up to three weeks to recover as he did not take any supplements during the fever. Apparently he had viral laryngitis.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Chocolate Flavoured Meal Replacement Protein Shake.

So about two weeks back, I bought a chocolate flavoured meal replacement 'protein shake' from Natures Farm in Jaya One. That costs about RM200 ++.

My aim was to use it to replace one of my meals as I prefer warm food for Breakfast. For the evening meal,  I had to take my mom's homemade dinner, so the only time left for me to try out the meal replacement protein shake was during lunch.

It was a good chance to try it out as I did not want to take the oily and fried food from the nearby mamak shop, which consisted mostly of crispy fried chicken, rice and a whole egg (which is my favourite combination) but always ended up with a bloated tummy in the aftermath.
Breakfast: 4 slices of whole meal bread with tuna spread. + water.

Lunch: Chocolate flavoured protein shake + more water.

Afternoon tea: 2 slices of 'bread loaf skin' bread with kaya and olive butter.

Dinner last night : steamed Pomfret (Bak Chong), stirfried vege & rice. + 1/4 slice of a papaya (two hours later).

30/3: (Friday)
Morning: I had 2.5 home made pancakes with some drips of Active 5 manuka honey & butter. Took 1 Ester C & a pill with ginseng content (for energy). + water.

Lunch: Chocolate flavoured protein shake.

18th May 2012:
I've currently put off taking the meal replacement for the time being. Am now doing the Amway Detox Bootcamp, but may look at this later again.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Terimee: Opening Trial Promotions

So I was at a Terimee slimming salon near my place recently, as these are their current open course promotions available as on their brochures.

Rm588: 10 visits
-UIC (padding) x 10
-CW (cold wrapping) x 10

= RM58.80/visit.

Rm688: 10 visits @ 1 hour
- IC Scrub with HB (Heat Blanket) x 10
= RM 68.80/ visit

Rm988: 12 visits @ 1.5 - 2 hours

- IC Scrub HB x 7
- F70 G7 x 7
- P CW (cold wrapping) x 5

 = RM82.33/visit.

Rm1588: 25 visits @ 1.5 hour
 Done together @ 1.5 hours
- TMO  Heat Blanket x 7
- F70  G5 x 7

Done individually@ 30 mins each
- 2 in 1 (treadmill) x 8
- UIC x 5 (padding) x 5

done together @ 15 mins
-SB (sauna) x 5
- P CW (cold wrapping) x 5

= RM65.32/visit.

I'm familiar with the the type of treatments after my prior experiences with slimming salons in 2009 and 2010. At worst, they won't be as hard sell as Bizzy Body, or S2 Slimming.

But I must admit, the vietnamese thereapists at S2 Slimming, and also recently, the indonesian therapists which I have tried a couple of days back at Beauty Century respectively do render pretty firm slimming massages though.

I have tried the so called 'slimming massages' at Bizzy Body, and it was pretty crappy for the price I paid, so I would not put my money on their services as it really is not value for money.

I ended up disregarding Terimee as I did not think the packages were to my budget, and not so value of  money for money compared to what I was quoted under S2 Slimming.

Losing all that KL kilos I put on.

Since I came back from Sydney in December, I have been putting on weight.

No thanks to the bad hot weather, and convenience of the car, I must have cut down on my exercise (if any!) of walking every day at least 30 mins (from previously Narwee station). Not to mention, all the night suppers.

I have put on at least 6 kilos since December 2011, and now weighing 62.5 kilos. Scary heh.

Tentative Plan:
As Kuala Lumpur isn't exactly well known for its safety for out door walking these days, I have a treadmill I can use at home.

Treadmill - twenty mins for a start, and up it as my endurance increases.

My treadmill from Gintell (Cant remember the model though) is a fantastic piece of beginner's work, as it
- measures your pulse as you run (you need to hold the handles),
- displays distance ran/walked,
- displays how many calories lost.
- has a safety feature in case children happen to walk on it
- has the normal cool down program for treadmills.
- has about over 5 different customizable preset programs for your treadmill walk.

Last night, I lost 50 calories after twenty mins on the treadmill last night with a speed of max 7 km? Not much but a good starting point.

This would also include taking the protein shake meal replacements I bought from Nature Farm recently for lunch. I have to stick to hot or warm food in the morning, and my mom would kill me if I didn't take her home cooked dinner.

Maybe just a smaller portion for dinner,

Not really sure how I'd do it, but doing a weigh in isn't going to do my motivation/self confidence any good, so I am aiming to do a weigh in every 7 days for a start.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bobbi Brown: Illuminating Finish Powder Compact Foundation SPF 12.

So this is what I purchased last week when I was a One Utama with Pom.

We had gone to a few different cosmetic counters to try out the compact powder but finally decided on the one sold at Bobbi Brown in Ground Floor.

Product:  Bobbi Brown- Illuminating Finish Powder Compact Foundation SPF 12.
Shade: Warm Natural 4.5
Price: RM150. (Approx AUD50 at current time of exchange).

The colour of the compact matches my skin colour which is towards the tan side.

According to Pom, apparently it is cheaper than if to buy it in Sydney as it was going for about AUD70-85.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Parkson Estee Lauder Haul

My RM300 Estee Lauder Haul goodies!
So I was waiting for a good promotion before I would buy some perfume. Turns out today was the day. I went shopping with a mate at Sunway Pyramid today, and so happened that Parkson had their cash voucher promotion (of purchase of every RM100 (for Promotion Voucher) and RM150 (for Discount voucher). This probably happened today as I did not see the extra RM10 promotion a few days earlier when I was there.

Earlier today, I had gone to SASA earlier and spritzed myself with Tresor in Love, and was thinking even about the Chanel au fraire that a mate, Kathleen showed me at Myers many months ago.

As I had tried the Pleasures range of fragrances from Estee Lauder recently, I was inclined in that direction. It ended with a Estee Lauder range after some spraying, commenting and feedback.

My RM300 Estee Lauder haul coffret consisted of:
- 1 x 100ml Estee Lauder Pleasures Bloom
- 1 x Pure Color - Tiger Eye Shimmer Long Lasting Lipstick Rouge
- 1 x Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara
- 1 x Double Wear Stay in Place Eye Pencil.

Plus, I was invited to attend a 1 hour make up consultation with their Estee Lauder make up artist Adrian, which was only extended to customers who made the eligible purchase of RM200 and above!

This also included in-store Parkson Rm50 promotion vouchers, which consisted of
- 2 x Parkson Rm10 Discount Voucher
- 3 x Parkson Rm10 Promotional Voucher (not valid for Cosmetics &
Fragrances purchases).

I ended up filling in a new customer profile for Estee Lauder as the BA asked me to fill in one.
Hence, I had only paid about RM250 as I got back in return RM50 cash voucher to use on other products in any Parkson outlet! Woo hoo!

What do you think? Good promotion?


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