Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Osmosis Chiropractor

I went to see a Chiropractor on Sunday. My back was hurting from the week before so I went to see one that a good friend of mine recommended. You could say I was a bit nervous as it was my first time in seeing a 'bone doctor'.

Anyways, to share my experience, I was hurting really badly on Wednesday the same week. Hence, by Sunday, I had no choice but to get it seen by a doctor.

The doctor is a chinese lady from Taiwan by the name of Jennifer. She did her Chiropractor studies for a total of five years, so she is definitely trained in that area.

The doctor had me do a few body movements to determine the level of my injury. Then I was made to lie on my front on this 'long chair' which she used to do a few adjustments to my spine.

I was told that the spinal chord was hurting the muscles around my pelvis bone. So all three areas were inextricably somehow affected, where the muscles were badly inflamed.

By Tuesday (the next appointment), I was feeling a lot better. The parts which were hurting was still tender, but they did not hurt as much. So yes, my spine did respond well to the treatments rendered.

I ended up making the decision to purchase a 12 visit card for about 480aud (price as at the time of writing). If you have private insurance, you can make a claim of some of the monies paid.

As my spinal chord is not exactly in the best possible shape (regardless of whether I have subscribed to health insurance), it still is a good investment. Compared to beauty services, this is something that will affect my health in the long term, so it was a no brainer decision.

The initial consultation fee is 55aud if you tell the doctor you are recommended by another patient. (meaning me) *haha*.

My next appointment is this coming Friday. We shall see the progress of my spinal health in the weeks to come.

Her information are as follows:
Dr. Jennifer Huang
Osmosis Chiropractic.
Level 12, World Tower Commercial
Unit 1216, 87-89 Liverpool St
T: 02- 9264 7079.
M: 0410 819 897.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Korean Hair Manicure

On Monday afternoon, I made a visit to the korean hair salon on Liverpool St. (near World Plaza) for a Hair Manicure. I paid 99aud for threw hair manicure and hair cut.

I was thinking of having a hand manicure, but one can get that done anywhere in Australia.
But Hair Manicure? That technique is only available in korean, and perhaps japanese hair salons.

The entire process took an hour. First the hairdresser washed and dried my hair.

The 'hair manicure' application is done similarly to that of a hair colouring application. The treatment used has some colour in it, so your hair would have some tint on it thereafter.

The hairdresser advised me to not wash my hair until Wednesday.

The starting price was 99aud onwards, depending on hair length. Some shops quoted me 120aud for my hair length.

How does it look? Well, it does look shinier a bit, and brown....

Hmm... the hair does look somewhat tinted... (I am actually a bit at loss for words how to describe it). Just shinier.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Guess haul

So this was the purchase made today.

Total cost: 150AUD for two handbags, and three ladies purses.

*Not bad*

GUESS bags 80%warehouse sale,
Wednesday 2nd - Sunday 6th November 2011
Time: 10 am - 6 pm
Address: Unit 7/5-9 Ricketty street
Mascot NSW Australia

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 1: Easing into Reverse Diet.

Today is the start of my new diet/eating plan.

I didnt have much for dinner last night, so that probably cleared out my digestive system for this morning?

For breakfast, I had
- some egg omelette with lap cheong. I dont really like oily food in the morning, nor cooking if I dont have the time to cook, much less wash up after. So this was premade the evening before.
- 1 mug hot chocolate
- 1.5 slices of bread with peanut butter spread

Lunch: Black Bean Chicken with rice. Standard Meal size.

Dinner: 6 piece nuggets, french fries, and Coke Zero.

I ordered chicken nuggets as compared to Big Mac as the burger is not very filling, and even though on Medium portion, I get hungry after two hours. So Big Macs are a total waste of money, as compared to 6 piece nuggets.

I think the key to eating for dinner size portions in this diet plan is to eat moderate sized meals, and not gorge yourself, having enough to last till the next morning.

As for breakfast portions, it's should be enough to avoid snacking before lunch. As I dont have time to even snack throughout the day, having large breakfast would work better in my case.

I just bought
- Uncle Tobys Oats Quick Sachets(12 sachets),
- Coles Wholemeal Bread
- 2 x Kettle Multigrain Chips.
Total Price: Aud11.36

I normally prefer Doritos, but I thought I'd try Multi Grain chips for a change. As I prefer to have my breakfast hot, and something preferably Low G.I, I thought Quick Oats would be good to try out instead.

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Breakfast Like a King

So it's close to that time of the year. I'm in the midst of preparing to be one of two bridesmaids at a close friend's wedding in Kuala Lumpur in the first week of December.

That means I have about ten weeks from now to prepare.

One of the things I truly dislike about winter is that people tend to put on excess baggage. It's not something we can avoid as the cold weather makes people naturally eat more and put on more clothing to withstand the cold.

It's not that bad here in Sydney as in South Korea, but winter is still winter nonetheless.

So I'm thinking to go on a weight watch in the next ten weeks to lose the needed kilos to be able to fit that lovely bridesmaid dress, and also that reception dinner dress.

I was initially thinking of following the Tony Ferguson diet, but then I read the Reverse Diet, which actually makes more sense to me. Well, the Reverse Diet isn't a new thing, but it's better than the other diet of breaking up three meals into 5 or 6 small different meals helps the body to digest the food. Which is not practical for me. 

However, eating in Reverse i.e the adage, 'Breakfast Like a King, Lunch Like a Prince, and Dinner Like a Pauper' sounds more welcoming to me.

As for following Tony Ferguson's diet, I could use some of their products for my benefit. They do have some products which contains all the minerals and less calories yet tastes great, as well as will assist in weight loss, but I would not recommend Tony Ferguson for people in Malaysia, as the products cost a lot (in Australian dollars).

It costs more than what Malaysians would generally pay for their meals, but similar to what Aussies would pay for a meal outside, so that does not make that much of a difference.

Anyways, to start off, I would go on having a hearty breakfast with healthy low G.I foods to kickstart the ball rolling. As much as I love bacon and roll, they are just too difficult to make for breakfast and involves too much time cleaning up (which seriously defeats the point).

Some ideas for a low G.I healthy breakfast which I have taken from includes:
  • wholegrain cereal with fruit and yoghurt & green tea
  • wholegrain bread with a boiled or poached egg
  • an omelet with a bran muffin and fresh juice
  • wholegrain toast with natural nut butters
  • an English muffin topped with lean ham and fresh juice
  • wholegrain toast with fresh fruit
  • hot cereal such as oatmeal is high in fibre and low in sugar 

Most of these foods are easily available from Coles, or Woolworths supermarket. My goal is to lose maximum ten kilos in the next ten weeks. Wish me luck!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Spinal Cord - Nervous system Connection.

So recently I heard a pretty fantastic story.

My friend, JC, who is an asian female of Korean ethnicity in her mid 30s, has suffered from childhood,
  • eczema
  • slow recovery of cuts and wounds. 
  • tense stomach area
As a result, unlike most "normal" people, she is unable to go to a facial salon, and only uses certain skincare and cosmetic products which has proven to not react on her skin, which pretty much is limited in choices.

Anyways one day she followed one of her students (JC is an Adult English Teacher) who had asked her to go with her to see a chinese doctor (Traditional Chinese Medicine) for a massage.

On inspection, the doctor examined just both JC's hands and her palm, and then finally exclaimed that due to conditions in her spinal cord, it has caused her nervous system to not function properly. Now, my friend does not have any spinal cord problem, nor pain on her back, so she thought this was a pretty fantastic story, and the TCM doctor had not even examine her spinal cord....

The TCM doctor continued saying in broken English (!) that no 7, 8, 9, 10 of her spinal cord had some problems and there was nothing much more she could do to help JC, so she had to go and see a "bone" doctor (meaning, Chiropractor).

She continued saying that exercise could not really help until she fixed the "main problem", which she described was because that when she was born, her "spine" was not straightened at birth, although she was normal when she was still "swimming in the mummy's womb".

Hence this has caused her spinal cord to have problems from that time henceforth. Well, JC was the only child in her family who was born at home as her mother could not make it in time to the hospital, and hence, did not have a doctor to oversee her birth process... so that part is also left debatable on how her spinal problem actually occurred.

Apart from that, the TCM doctor also said that due to the nervous system, it was causing her to use up too much "energy in her blood"? which caused her to have slow recovery in cuts and wounds, and that is also shows up in her eczema.

So JC then went to see a Chiropractor, who is also chinese, was western trained (in Australia no less). On consultation, the doctor enquired why she came to see her when it was her skin problem she was asking about, and JC told the doctor that "I heard there was some connection between both, so I just wanted to confirm".

Anyways, to cut the story short...... the Chiropractor did some testing on pressure points, which confirmed that the same "no 7, 8, 9, and 10" of the spinal cord had some problems. When the Chiropractor pressed those points, JC complained that they hurt. JC protested that the doctor had pressed really hard, but the Chirocpractor merely replied that in patients who have a normal spinal cord condition, it would not hurt. 

Finally, in conclusion, the Chiropractor said that the spinal cord might be "touching" some part of the nervous system, which in turn may be causing issues with her exzema, and other parts of her nervous system which is causing her some many problems all this while. The Chiropractor merely confirmed what the  TCM doctor said, but in better English....

Then the Chiropractor wrote a prescription/letter for JC to go and get an X-ray done of her spinal cord. Without the x-ray, she would not be able to make any conclusive judgements. The fact that the Chiropractor had to write a letter for the X-ray displays the seriousness of the condition....

On that point, then JC related to me that during those times in previous years when she had gone to have acupuncture, as well as taken herbal medicine to "cool her insides"(yin medicine apparently), her skin had become much better in the aftermath. However it was costly, and now she realises that it does not cure the main problem her body displayed, but only gave temporary fixes or reduced some of the symptoms she had.

This is something really to think about. How often we do not think about how important our Nervous System is, nor the importance of our spinal cord, when it actually affects almost everything we experience, from skin problems, digestion problems, and even when we get into accidents.....

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Using up my skincare products.

Its been six months, but I've finally managed to finish the bulk of my skincare products.
Apart from some Laneige hydro eye cream, my range of Laneige face care, and Clarins body oil is now completely used up, along with the rest of the body range.  There is also some Face Shop toner left to be finished. Now, its just using up my Jurlique face oil, and Clarins blue flower face oil, some Loccitane hand cream, and my packets of face masks from Etude House. I really love the Loccitane hand cream range as its non oily, smells really fresh and clean, and is quickly absorbed. Every time I brush my face with the pink Etude House blusher, some of my students, and even teachers have asked what's that shimmery thing on face. *giggles* Winter is a good time to use up a lot of my skincare products as the weather is drying, and the skin needs a lot of moisturizing. Sent from my Nokia phone

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Steaming Food

So I recently discovered the use of a steamer.

I normally heat up the frozen 'char siu bau' I have for breakfast in the microwave. That is, until early this week when my housemate asked me to use the steamer to heat up the 'kai pau'.

Granted, the microwave takes only 1.5 minutes to do the job, and the steamer about 15-20 minutes.

But the alluring pull of the steamer is that the buns will come out hot, and 'fluffy'. Fluffy from absorbing the steam.

That really piqued my interest.

Granted, really. Now I have to put out the buns into the steamer the first thing in the morning after I wake up, and it should be ready by the time I have washed up, and put on my work attire.

Hmm... this has actually piqued my interest to try out other frozen foods from the market. Like today,but I decided to buy frozen 'siu mai', since what the heck, we have a steamer at home neways.

Perhaps I should check out other steaming food recipes, in particular chinese cuisine pertaining to winter.

It's much healthier than deep frying any time soon.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Winter Weight

So winter weight is upon us.

At first I was suspicious about it, but some tinkering on the Internet seemed to deem this phenomenon as real. As Australian winters are much milder than the ones in South Korea, I would deem it that we would pack on less pounds in the former than in the latter.

So yes, its now time to prevent that which is to come. Putting on winter weight.

If you key in "winter weight" on Google, the search results come up to almost 15,600,000 results. No big joke.

Anyways, some of the tips given include:

1) Don't forgo exercise:
Cold weather is no excuse to skip workouts. Well, that stairs of mine ( I am renting in a double storey house now) could double up as a tread mill. Whatever you do, exercise at least three times a week to burn calories, tone your muscles, and prevent illness.

2) Don't Overdo It With Warm Comfort Foods.
Keep it down on high calorie comfort foods like full cream milk, or hot potatoes. Might be yummy, but don't overdo on it.

3) Sip Hot Tea Instead of Hot Chocolate
That was a good tip I read somewhere. Hot Tea has no sugar- hence, no calories.

4) Wear Fitted Clothes
So, the advice was not to wear anything which is stretchy. As I have realised at work today, any additional pounds to my normal non-stretchy clothes will make me sit up and watch my weight. Which it did!

5) Weigh Yourself Regularly
So I'm up by one kilo from my normal of about 55kgs. It's still not that bad, but I want to prevent winter weight, so that really is a good idea to start now that it's still autumn.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Lovisa Haul: Westfield Sydney

Lovisa Cleaning Cloth- (Made in England) AU4.99

Diamond Bow & Booch Headband (Normal Price) AUD24.99

Lovisa Feather Headband AUD16.99

So I went shopping a couple of weeks back.. Bought this at Westfield LOVISA with my giftcard from Christmas...

Ten Aussie dollars for two headbands from Lovisa.. Don't they look just gorgeous?? *what a steal*!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

My First Poh Kong's Tranz Haul.

As it was my friend's day out, I decided to follow Zen out to Mid Valley today.

Recently I developed an interest in jewellery, and in particular precious metals ever since checking out Tiffany's. I then decided to pay a visit to the two outlets that Poh Kong was operating on the Ground level.

My philosophy in purchasing items, at least in terms of precious metals and jewellery
- jewellery should be visible, but not overwhelming. It should complement the attire and outfit and of course, the person who wears it should like it.

I checked out the Poh Kong Tranz collection, which had more contemporary designs to appeal to the younger generation. The design below is not available on the Poh Kong website however.

With Poh Kong's products, the Tranz collection is firmly priced. Discounts are not available for this range. I was also informed that the Tranz collection is copyrighted, which is a good thing for people who prefer exclusivity in their jewellery collection.

For the normal gold design collection, items are priced according to current daily gold prices by type. Discounts are available for the normal collection.

There were a few 'heart' pendant designs, but I finally decided on this.

A heart pendant from Tranz Collections.

Tranz Heart Pendants(4.49g) : RM1090.00

White Gold Layered Ring (916 gold- 3.65g) RM590.00

So, what do you think of the purchase? Like the designs?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Last S2 Slimming Treatment for now.

So I finished my so called "last" treatment at S2 Slimming today. I called up at 9.30, and made an appointment for 10am! I decided to get it over and done with so that I could spend the rest of the afternoon on doing other things with my family.

From the chart, it recorded my lowest weight at about 61kgs in May 2010 (yes, I'm putting my weight here in public).

After being away for almost 8 months to Australia, and having lots of physical & strenuous work, I'm now down to 55.6 kilos today. Yes, that's after all the CNY bingeing and Loh Sang.

The Outlet Manager, Ingrid came in to greet me and enquire about my well being. Of course she followed up on my record by recommending that I top-up on my treatments, offering an amount similar to what they have on promotion being RM988, with about 5 treatments. (Perhaps she might offer more if I bargain... *LOL*)

Since I'd be leaving on Sunday, I decided I didn't want to spend too much time going to the salon as my point in coming back for CNY was to spend time with my family & friends.

So there, that was my decision. Perhaps at another in future.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Facial at 128 Faubourg- Bangsar Village 2.

Yes, so I made an appointment there today.

The appointment was supposed to be at 2.30, but I ended up late..... so I ended up being slotted in for the appointment at 4pm.

There have been three new released treatments since I left Malaysia, namely the Vital Coolness Treatment (RM350), Resurfacing Cosmeceutic Treatment (RM350), and Chocolate Caramel (RM??) which I would loved to have tried, but they were too expensive for my budget... 

The Salon Manager insisted that I was not eligible for newly released facial treatments, but I don't think that was to be true as I remembered in the past, my facial therapist, Celine had informed me that as long as the treatments were released after we came in, we could try out the promotional rates for the treatments, though we were existing customers.

Somehow the terms seem to differ... from outlet to outlet?

The Salon Manager did however insist that if I wanted more competitively priced facial treatments, that I should go for their facial treatment packages.

I would have had no idea what the new facial treatments were had I not stalked their Facebook page for months....I am beginning to miss Celine...  *LOL*

As retaliation, I ended up opting for the Hydra Lift Professional Treatment (RM260), and the Under-Arm Lightening Treatment (RM50). Hah!

The therapist who served me was Annie, from East Malaysia. She was friendly and chatty, and had a typical Malaysian sounding accent which made me mistake her for Chinese at times. 

Annie did ask to confirm my treatments of choice before the start of the treatments, and I liked that she gave me an option to rethink my treatment choices.

This is also the same outlet I went where I have met some other pretty pushy characters last year during their promotional events, so do keep that in mind if you do make a visit.

Post treatment, Annie recommended me a number of products that was used during my facial treatment which included the cleansing milk, and toner, hydrating cream and another product.

As I had too many cleansers and toners to date, I decided on getting the Pore Refiner System - Smoothing Refiner Solution (30mls), and Mattifying Refiner Solution (30mls) which came up to RM538 under one of their current promotions. I will trial the products out and give a review on the blog later.

As my purchases met the requirements for membership renewal into the yearly Sothys Priviledge Programme, I was given a complimentary travel set worth RM280. It contained four products being Morning Cleanser (15ml), Normalizing Lotion (40ml), Hydroptimale Th13(15ml), Normalizing Beauty Milk (40ml) which came in a transparent travel pouch.

Will put up pictures later!

So what do you think of my visit to the Bangsar 128 Faubourg outlet?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

My First Tiffany's Haul.

Most girls have one. If you haven't, you've probably heard of it in a song.

Or maybe seen a movie about it.

If the girls don't have one, they might want one.

What is this elusive brand? Well, not exactly very elusive.. but quite exclusive. ^^

Tiffany's signature turquoise blue paper bag and stationary.

So, I headed down to KLCC early this evening. Located next to Tiffany's was Louis Vuitton.... wow.. talk about premium view at entrance area... Louis Vuitton has gloved personnel that opens the doors for you, and the hall is limited to a number of visitors each time.

Anyways, I  took a deep breath before entering ....

I checked out a few of its range, being the Tiffany's Notes, Tiffany Somerset, and Return to Tiffany's.

Please take note that the prices I've put down here are the ones taken from their websites, except for the one in RM which is the approximate to what I remembered.

Since it was my first time at a Tiffany's outlet, the sales personnel, a Mr.J.Y recommended me a first-time buyer's range.

He introduced me to the pendants from Tiffany's Notes, which had a few pendant designs to my interest. There was the "Fifth Avenue Heart tag" (About RM440?), and the Tiffany Notes in square pendant in sterling silver, (RM470).
I really liked the Tiffany's Somerset range in sterling silver with diamonds (USD375), and other designs in its range, however their price was more than what my budget could currently afford. The Return to Tiffany's range did not hold my interest as much though.

In the end, I decided on this.(click & zoom in to have closer view).
Tiffany Notes in square pendant in sterling silver, RM470.

After working out the conversion, I realised its less expensive to get it in Malaysia than in Australia, as the range here is more affordable at the current conversion rate RM2.8: AUD1. The RRP rate for the square pendant in sterling silver (pictured above- RRP. AUD195). It works out to RM550 in Australia.

So what do you think? Nice? Going to check it out?


Monday, January 31, 2011

Good Samaritan Home Klang-KFC Party & Visitation

So last Saturday, Tammy of had organised a visitation to the Good Samaritan Home in Klang. It was good to meet the other bloggers after my long stay in Sydney.  

Tammy, Stacey & Joey.
Arrivals of the Bright Red Hot Chicks in the morning!
Carrying all the goodies.
New dresses for the girls!

 Among the goodies for the children!

Face painting!

Children enjoying their yummy KFC chicken meal.

Wing being handled by Tammy..... 
The RESULT?? ......  Hot Chick with Angry Virus on Face.
Poshies (Stacey) & me!
Red Hot Chicks in Paint.
Children enjoying their cake!
KFC Party Packs for the children
Pretty Butterfly! ^^

Some Malaysian-Sydney economic differences.

Some of the things different.

Lifestyle products and services have always been premiumly priced, but there are differences in how they are priced.

1. Facial treatments
Klang Valley - Facial salons, spas & massage services, particularly those within the Klang Valley, charge between RM60- RM100. It is almost impossible to pay less than RM100 for a facial in Klang Valley. The only exception would be those operating on a home salon basis.

Massages here range from RM50 for a one -and-half hour massage, which is the cheapest I have found. THe highest was RM120 for a 120 (two hour massage) for Thai massages.

Sydney- Within the vicinity of the CBD, and up to Narwee& Ashfield, facial prices range from AUD50- as much as AUD120. The most I have paid so far is AUD120 for a Sothys facial, whereas its as high as RM350 for a Sothys facial in KL.

Thai and normal massage for one hour range between AUD75 to maybe a bit more. In terms of messages, it is more similar on a dollar to dollar basis.

2. Karaokes-

Klang Valley-
I recently heard that Karaokes charges between RM60 per person, including buffet. And that is about for three hours.

I think that's pretty expensive.

We were paying AUD15 per room for non peak hours, and AUD30 per room during peak hours in a korean noraebang in Sydney, which sometimes even threw in extra half an hour to one hour for free.

The other mostly chinese run Karaokes were charging more, and they didn't throw in any free time for that matter. So much for keeping the customers happy!

In conclusion, noraebangs are the most affordable, and value for money on a dollar to dollar basis, as the more people who went in, the cheaper per room it was.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I lost weight.

So I've been ranting recently. Its pretty natural when one crosses borders.

But then again, the way that beauty salons run here is so noticeable that unless the customer was walking around with their brains locked up in the clouds, they must be really blind indeed.

Anyways, I'm blogging this coz everyone that I've met in the last three days (since my return to KL), the first thing that they said was:

"You've lost weight!"

So I asked, "which part?"

"All over!"

"Really? How come I can't tell?"

 Before I left, I was almost going on 60 kgs. Now I'm between 54-55 kgs. But then again, 3 kilos isn't really much.

"Uh, your face is much sharper now than before....."

"Umm.. I see..."

So if I lost another 5 kilos, that would just be perfect.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Are prices of facials justified?

If there is one thing I must get off my back, it is I feel that prices of facials in the cosmopolitan Kuala Lumpur sites are unjustified.

In Australia, I am more or less able to deduce the profit margin of a facial whereby a Masseur's salary AUD15/hour.

The average price of a facial in Australia ranges from AUD50 onwards. If the salary of a masseur is factored in, depending on the length of the facial, that's almost AUD30 of a profit margin of the facial remaining, before calculating the cost of the products and rent of the salon.

In Malaysia, what exactly is the average price of a facial treatment? In some of these so called "facial salons" which give you a voucher for RM50 for a facial, they exaggerate the value of the facial, and yet the rendering of these first trial/discounted priced facials leaves much to be desired.

Is RM200 for a facial treatment in Malaysia justified?

The average price of a facial in Australia is as much as AUD120, yet the average salary is AUD15/hour. In Malaysia, RM200 is almost a huge chunk off a person's salary, yet the price of a facial is unjustified where the average salary is not even RM15/hour.

Not to mention the cost of the products for the facial. Even Sothys facial are not as expensive as some of these so-called RM200 facials..

So, what do you think?

My Massage at Rest n Relax Aroma Therapy

Trial Price of RM28 (60 minutes body massage).
It was a really tiring day for me.. I was almost asleep for most of the day, and who wouldn't be after my tiring journey of almost nine hours to KL.  No doubt I'm suffering from jet lag (three hours Sydney - Kuala Lumpur) time difference.

So when my mom suggested to go for a body massage at this massage salon in their Mega Mandung outlet, which she had bought a package for, I jumped at the chance to!

As luck would have it, we managed to get two slots in. It was impeccable timing.

So when we finally entered the shop, I was quite surprised at the ambience. Though the massage salon was located in the second floor of a shop lot, there was no compromise in its decor. It was tastefully decorated.

My mom and I were given a wooden basin with heated water to warm up our feet before the massage treatment. We were then asked which type of massage oil we wanted to use for our body massage... detoxifying, slimming, muscle ache or relaxing.

Then my mom & I were ushered into the treatment room where we were asked to change into disposable inner wear for the massage.

I had to wrap myself in a sarong and then wait on the treatment bed for the masseur to come in. The masseur who served me and my mom were Indonesian, and had a very friendly demeanour. The masseur who served my mom seemed to be very familiar with the family members.... 

Apparently it was an elder aunt  of mine (who introduced my mom to the place) had bought lots of body massage packages there... as well as another elder aunt... LOL.

Our full body massage lasted for about 1.5 hours (90 minutes) at a pretty affordable rate from what my mother had bought. The massage treatments each were less than RM50 bought as part of a package, and definitely value for money.

As the body massages were quite affordable, it would be good to give some tips to the masseurs after the service.

Overall, I was quite impressed by the tastefully decorated rooms, and the service rendered. I wouldn't heading back there again.

For more information, do check out the Rest n Relax Aroma Therapy Facebook group.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Some Menstrual Must-Nots.

So, I'm currently in the midst on an all things 'menstruation' obsession.

I'm now at home, and decided to give church a miss this week. The thought of taking a bus and doing all the public transport transfers, sitting in service for three hours wondering if there was going to be any staining was just too stimulation and stress for me to take.

I've read some things on the website, in particular to the Western perspective on things

1. It is okay to have a hairwash.
There has been much debate on this old wives tale. Essentially, the thinking is that hair is a 'dead object' and washing hair is a must do daily routine.

For me, that would mean an even greasier than greasy scalp.

However, I read that there is a dry shampoo that one can use, which is available at most western chemists/pharmacies.

However, there has been readings which explain the reason for this. Apparently, the hair follicles open up when hair is washed, and is somewhat linked to the 'qi gong' and would affect the menstrual cycle.

It may also cut-short the menstrual cycle, which is detrimental in the long run, as that means your body has not fully 'detoxified' yet.

2. It is okay to go swimming.

Seriously, which female in her right mind would actually want to go swimming when she is having her monthlies?

Some tampon website actually recommended putting on a tampon, then go swimming.

It just sounds downright dirty. I know that when a female goes into the water, the bleeding will stop until she comes out of the water.

Still, exposing your body to all the pathogens, dirty water, bacteria, and goodness knows what at the time when your body is prone and sensitive to all kinds of illness, is just not right.

Better to let your body have a rest.

3. It is okay to have sexual intercourse.

Hmm, you do realise the bleeding is necessary as a 'detoxifying' regime for a female's body?

The 'bleeding' that occurs isn't the normal kind of 'bleeding', but one that contains items that the female body has to be rid of.

Why drag in a male?

Unless he's some sadist masochistic who likes blood during intercourse. Euuuu.

4. It is okay to have any kinds of food.

I've been having warm, or hot food only. Really, when your body is not feeling well, cold water doesn't really help. And cold food for that matter.

My malaysian chinese housemate says that I should avoid teas, and ice cream, and any other kind of 'cooling' food.

Anyways to help with cramps, I've had Ibuprofen to help reduce the symptoms. Its a good friend.

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Health is Wealth.

So recently, my menstrual cycle decided to pay me a visit. It is worth a mention here, as the last time I had mine was more than six months ago.

About the time I first started my position at my current work place.

My cycle comes about four times a year, making it a seasonal four monthly occurrence. So it was late by two months, which is a bad thing.

About two weeks ago, I was on Christmas leave. And recently, I have had a shorter shorter work load.

Now, I've been doing some reading on the menstrual cycle, and its about two weeks, or about 12 days before a female gets her menstrual, that her ovulation takes place.

So about two weeks ago, I was on leave = essentially, meaning my body was at rest. Both physically, and emotional from work stress.

A female's monthly menstrual cycle is an indicator to the doctor whether her internal body system is functioning well. That's also the first question the doctor will ask when they come in for a check-up.

The fact that I'm getting my menses now is a good sign. I hope my Boss continues to give me the same current work load as she does now.

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 2: A surprise 'Auntie' visit.

So during the last few days, my face had been breaking out. I was wondering why.

It was definitely not any face cream I was using, nor was it the less than stellar make up removal I did. LOL.

Then yesterday, I had a surprise 'auntie' visit.

Yes, she was already seasonally late from her usual time......

The last time was just before I started work at the child care centre.

Well, better late than never. I'm only glad she decided to visit over the weekend, rather than when I was at work! At least I have Ibuprofen to keep me company.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Exciting Plan on Return to KL.

So, I'm coming home with an empty suitcase.... Really, there isn't much for me to bring back to KL, since everything in the latter is so much cheaper.. I have enough skincare supply back in my KL home to last for the next two years.

I was actually thinking of applying for an Australian credit card prior to my return, but was advised that it would be difficult if applicants did not hold a permanent residency, and that it did not actually assist in building credit ratings in Australia, unlike in The States. So I guess Debit cards would have to suffice for now.. LOL. (But actually, I don't really think they care if you apply in person, but that's for another post...)

As for my exciting plans, I'm already definitely doing this, and this.

1) Digital Perm- Korean, or Japanese also can. Price range about RM300 + lar

2) Facial at 128 Faubourg.

3) A good nice massage?  Heh.

4) Get two pairs of glasses. and also a pair of good proper sunglasses.

No idea what my budget is as yet, since I have yet to see the local prices yet. But spectacles around here range from 70-80AUD onwards.

5) Clothes shopping - with Shirley Tan, or someone who wants to go with me. The last time I went was at Bangsar. She's got good taste.

6) As for S2 Slimming, I probably have a few treatments left at the salon.

The only problem being that since I currently do not own a car, or will be lack of one on my trip back, the salon would be a bit out of the way for me to have access to like I used to previously.

7) Meet up with peers-- my close girl friends, bloggers, Tammy, etc. ^^ If there are any events, do pass on an invitation, thanks!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

So, I'm definitely coming back for Chinese New Year!

So I'm double posting here on both my blogs.

So I spoke to my boss this morning.  At first she was hesitant, but then she agreed to let me go off.. she had to...!

I had a valid reason to come back to Malaysia, to renew my passport, and of course, to see my family.

Of course, I made it easy for her to say yes by doing my homework before asking her... I had to check which days the workplace would be less busy, so she could let me go.

All the staff will be fighting for more work hours in the weeks to come, so one going off would make planning much easier for her.

I've already started planning what I have to do before heading back to Kuala Lumpur, so that I can prioritize the most important administrative tasks first.

Not sure about shopping for new year, but will definitely be getting new clothes for the summer to bring back to Sydney. Everything is SO MUCH CHEAPER in KL, okay??

I'm definitely going to:

1) Get a digital perm at the korean/japanese salon. It's about AUD150 onwards or about there for a digital perm for mid length. So that's about RM450 after conversion, or more depending on length of hair. Yes, that's by real koreans. Korean salons abound everywhere in Sydney, okay??

2) Go for a facial at Sothys 128 Faubourg - the most we can get in Sydney is Sothys Ampoule facials, which is really shitty anyways. The Ampoule Facial I last checked in Sydney was AUD79, but may not include extractions, or eyebrow removal which is like an additional AUD12, and that makes it about AUD90 onwards.

The most I had ever paid for a facial in Sydney was in Ashfield for about AUD120 and that was a normal Ampoule Sothys facial, and that was as much as I was willing to spend. Which after conversion is about RM390 or about there.

3) Maybe get one of the OSIM thingies.. not that I would bother using it. Ha ha ha.. the last one I had was still lying somewhere in the lounge room.

4) Definitely go for a good massage. Massages in Sydney run about AUD35 for 30 minutes, or AUD60 for 60 minutes. The Thai massages run up to AUD75 and over for about an hour.

*Currency Conversion is done on a AUD 1: RM3 blanket conversion.


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