Friday, February 26, 2010

Bioxil: Advanced Wrinkle Lifting Eye Cream

Good evening readers! How is your three day weekend getting on?

My family threw a "kenduri" (dinner) at home today. The best part was my uncle brought a "pyrotechnics" fireworks as the finale of the dinner... and we had a lovely display of lights to end a lovely dinner. ^^

Anyways, some of the readers may have known that I mentioned about procuring the Bioxil Eye Cream (they only have one type) sometime early this week. Well, I have a relative in the industry, and she did ask me if I wanted to buy it. (She ended up just giving me a free but paid one tonight!!). So Happy!!

It's good timing as I've been looking like a racoon this year... been trying out a number of eye creams from a number of brands (Kiehl's, Laneige White Plus Renew Eye Serum, Laneige Hydra Solution Eye Cream) for a while.

I am not sure which of them work the best, but this time I have added in an extra element which is to use eye-massage to the eye cream (somewhat neglecting that part every time I use it!)

So, wait up guys as a review should be in some time in the making! ^^

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Clarins: White Plus HP Lily Sea Enriched launch.

Have you signed up for the White Plus HP Lily Sea Enriched yet?
A Whitening Breakthrough That Works on the Root of Dark Spots. 

Date: 25th & 26th February 2010
Time: 5-8pm
Venue: Centre Court , Mid Valley Megamall.

Join us to enjoy
  • Welcome gift
  • Skin diagnosis & consultation
  • Free Make Over
  • Games & attractive prizes to be won
  • Light refreshments will be served. 
Registration compulsory. First come first serve to the 1st 50 customers per sessions.

Sothys: Body Coffret Sets

Yummy lovely Coffret Set.

Ever wanted to try the Sothys body sets? Well, they're out here for a bargain this week!
Sothys Hydra Aroma Coffret Set at RM319 (n.p RM458) is out!
Consisting of:
  • Aromatic Shower Gel (200ml)
  • & Hydra Nourishing Body Lotion (400ml)
Slimness Coffret Set at RM359 (n.p 518) consisting of:
  • New Slimness Exfoliator (75ml)
  • & Total Resculpting serum (200ml)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Product Review: Kiehl's Superbly Efficient Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant

Updated Review! 
 Date: 21st February 2010

Its been almost three weeks since I tried this product. As most may know, the weather has been really hot and humid throughout Chinese New Year. How is my take on this product so far?

Length of Wear
  • The product does not leave any residue. - Plus factor
  • It is good that the product is fragrance free- however, there is still some "natural body fragrance", especially if it is used on a hot hot day!
  • The product works better on a normal cloudy day. It is on those hot days that we really hope that it works well!
Original Review Dated: 2nd February 2010

Last Friday, when I was foya-foyaing at Isetan with some of the other bloggers, I decided to get myself the 75ml sized tube from Isetan KLCC. The larger size 75ml retails for (Rm55), and the 50ml for RM40.

I thought it was high time to try something different from my usual RM8.00 Lady Speed Stick.

Length of wear:
  • I have used the product for a week so far, and there is no "smell". Which is a good sign for tropical hot climates! 
  • I like that it is almost fragrance free (don't smell anything so far), which is good as I grow older since I am sensitive to strong fragrances.
  • It's also dry, and has not left any residue. That is a good thing for my shirts and tops, as it makes it easier to wash & clean.
Packaging is pretty minimal.

Value for Money:
In terms of value for money, it is much more expensive than my normal RM8.00 Lady Speed Stick, but if it
works well, it is definitely a good investment.

There was no ongoing in-store promotions. I would have bought more, but I decided to wait till festive period for a better promotion to top-up my purchases.

Customer Service:
The BA should throw in a few samples of other products for us to try out. I don't fancy purchasing large sizes of products when I am not very familiar with them yet, as Kiehls does put out a large sign outside "free samples"! boldly for all passer byes to see!

Its good bedside manners as well as effective customer retention strategy!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Giveaway when this site reaches 50th Follower!

G'd day readers ^^

With the festive Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year and Valentine's out of the way, I thought a giveaway would definitely be a away of livening up this site.

So, I have decided to throw a giveaway when the (Google Friend Connect) readership reaches the 50th follower! ^^

In the meantime, I will start collecting the prizes.. (which includes Laneige goodies!). More details will be provided when prizes are confirmed! ^^

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Malaysia: E-Promotion by 128 Faubourg, Salon by Sothys

Recently, I received this in the email.  As I am a current customer of 128 Faubourg (Pavilion), I am not eligible for the following promotion. However, if you are a new customer, do take advantage of the promotion, because I was not so lucky!!

To purchase E-Promotion, you have to get the E-BOOKING CONFIRMATION SLIP and present it at any of our respective salon.

You may email to, or give a call to 03-6207 8801 to be entitled for the promotion.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cuisine: Deliciously Luxurious Soap Bars

Calling all Malaysian soap lovers (and those based everywhere else!),

Introducing CUISINE, a new brand of handmade soaps. Soaps made from safe ingredients, they look good enough to eat (you weren't actually going to eat it, were you?)

They are currently found at Body Bar counters located at Sunway Pyramid, Pavillion & Tropicana City Mall. The soaps comes in 3 categories, the Michelin 3stars, 4stars and 5stars.

Their current promotion include FREE DELIVERY with every spend of RM120 and above. That's not it! Get a free soap of your choice from any Michelin category!

With prices starting from RM19.90, pick your favourites and enjoy!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Australia: Olay Professional Pro-X 28-Days FREE TRIAL

This arrived in the mail today. However, it's only open to Australian residents.

The new product claims "New Pro-X is a scientifically advanced line of skin care that gives you younger-looking skin in 28 days. Guaranteed*. It works by resignaling your skin to repair the moisture barrier and boost exfoliation. Each product contains the Alliance’s highest recommended levels of proven anti-aging ingredients."

What are you waiting? Get that free trial kit before stocks run out!

Nature Republic @ Berjaya Times Square.

Based on the tip off from Fatin, I headed to Nature Republic today after my long time due facial at Bella Luna. This latest skincare range from Korea which only just opened last week, has its maiden store located on first floor, Lot no.46.

When I was touring in Korea, I did see Nature Republic at many locations. However due to the huge mass of skincare shops available, it just did not provide me much time to check each and every one. Time & Finances were limited, you might say.
Rain- might be coming down to KL one of these days for the launch!


 Collagen Dream range with Asai Berry!

 My Stash: I bought only the Coenzyme Q10 sheet mask. 
The rest were free samples!

To promote the new brand, the consultants are loading out samples for all purchases.
The range I got today was the aqua the ocean by Tahiti body cleanser (10ml) and body lotion (10ml).
They are also including one piece of Argan Nutrizer Mask Sheet (for all types) FREE for all purchases. Although it's free, it's not good practice to take items in the basket without making any purchases.

Nature Republic is currently having a Buy 2 + 1 Face Sheet Mask. The FREE Face Sheet mask is the Vitamin E Solution Sheet Mask. 

I only realised this later after reading Fatin's blog, as the consultants who on duty did not really explain details in full regarding the promotion. Hence, I only bought one sheet mask, the Co-EnzymeQ10 sheet mask for Rm7.90. 

Well, their bad. I can save the money for something else, I guess. 


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