Monday, August 31, 2009

Bizzy Body: The Ambassador Programme 2009

Hi girls... this is my experience.

Today, I finally paid everything in full to Bizzy Body for the Ambassador programme. Supposed loss of 3-5 kilos, and 20 inches.

I'm only 58.5 kilos at the moment, so I only signed up for the lowest priced package...

As with everyone here, I have had my fair share of their "hard-selling" consultants.

Let me tell you how much I have spent so far...
RM 399 (3 x facials )
Rm 399 (4 slimming treatments)
RM 128 (1 Ampoules- to try out).
RM1008 (4 bottles of supplements with 10% discount)
RM4050 (2292- initial package, top-up 598 for RF Trial, RM1160 for top-up)= converted to Ambassador
THe Grand Total being: RM5984

For the RM2292 initial package, I was given 25 days (for Detox package, with no guarantee),and used 9 out of 25, then converted to 22 days (Mix & Match for Ambassador, with supposed guarantee). I had to push the Manager so that she would give me the extra 4 days, and she refused to give me more than 22 days for the package I was paying for. Coz it works out to about RM151.15 for the RM3325.48 I paid (subtracting the 9 days+ adding the top-up of Rm1160 and dividing it btwn 22 days).

Initially, I paid using ATM... How stupid of me to use ATM and pay in full for Rm3300... I realised that every time I went, the consultants would try to push me to try the different packages (facials, health products, whitening masks, detox this and that). Today I paid the remainder of my Top-Up using Post-Dated cheque, stating that my salary didn't come in till the end of the month ... (which is true anyways). Initially, I told the Outlet Manager that I didn't want to continue with the Ambassador program as I was "out of money" (true as well). So she tried to persuade me to "pay up", and added the rest of the 4 days to the programme.

So now, everytime I go to the salon, I don't bring any cards or much cash with me. You know how sometimes you are so persuaded by the consultant to just spend when they "sweet-talk" you? Well, it's very easy & convenient when you have a card so conveniently placed in your purse.... and I gave the impression that I could not afford that much (since I only live by the pay-cheque)

Also, IMHO, if you pay using post-dated cheques, it shows that you don't have that much to spare, the consultants will have less tendency to "push" to you their products, and treatments (since they will get their commission later). Which is better, in my opinion. I like to do my treatments in peace.

Anyways, does anyone knows anything about the RM1008 extra they are supposed to give? and the supposed guarantee that they will continue giving you treatments till you reach your desired weight loss? Who has experience with it?

I have gone for so far for 4+9 Detox & Slimming, and 6 Mix & Match.. over 3 mths, and yet to lose any kilos, but a lot of cm loss though.. which is strange. So finally, abt two visits ago, they brought in their Bizzy Body nutritionist(as they thought it was strange that I couldn't lose any water, nor fat, nor kilos!!). The nutritionist told me that I HAD to go on a diet.. so as a compromise, I went on the Healthy Diet, (and not the Egg Diet, as my body couldn't take it).

So far I hve been cutting down on rice intake, and not eating after 10pm, and trying to drink more water, and after having 7 days of FEVER (yes, had a fever last week), I have gone down to 58.5kgs (normally teetering around 59-60kgs). Yes, and I am also B+ blood type (so have been cutting down on chicken & pork). Oh yes, and my period comes only four times a year. (apparently people who have period four times a year may have a bit more problem with losing carbs than others).

The Manager wanted me to top-up to a higher priced package (and a few more Ks in Ringgit), but I told her that we shall see about that when I can even reach the 5 kilos guaranteed loss. (if we can reach, since I have not lost a single kg yet!). When I was 22 (I'm almost 30 now), I went for a similar Detox & Slimming (about RM1000+ those days), and lost a lot of water after the 3rd or 4th treatment. However, this time round, it didn't, which was really really strange...maybe it's because I'm getting older.

In Summary, I am not sure if it was worth all the hassle of so much money paid, and all the nonsense I had to go through.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Salon Experience: Expecting Good Customer Service

Time really tempers down the anger when one has had their tail stepped on. With that in mind, I would like to point out that "bad service" is a matter that should not be casually ignored, or will go away by the snap of your fingers. It hovers around until the management of the salon does something about it.

Providing good customer service is the hallmark of excellence especially important for establishments in the service industry. It ensures, and is ensured by the return of customers on a continual basis, not due to marketing strategies established by the company, but through word-of-mouth from customers satisfied by services rendered. In fact, word-of-mouth is the best advertising strategy a beauty salon could ever employ. Not to mention free as well!!

It was a rare occasion that my mother normally has free time on weekends, so when I told her that I was going to to Bizzy Body, the slimming centre that I normally frequent, she asked 5 minutes later if I she could come into the centre to do a facial. So I picked up the phone and called the centre.

The Manager answered the call. When I told her about the request, I was then informed that as my mother was not a "member", she was not permitted to utilize any of the facial treatments from my package.

Prior to this, the previous manager, who has since left for greener pastures, had "verbally granted" that the "sharing" of facial treatments was permissible. However, as nothing had been written in black & white in the card, the request was promptly denied.

Under similar conditions, this is normally permitted at many of the lifestyle salons I had frequented, with the condition that it is "the mother", or other members-of-kin who are given that special privilege. An acquaintance pointed out that most salons are normally flexible in those terms.

Upon arriving at the salon, the Manager then queried me of my mother's impending entrance.

Let me pose this question to the Reader: :"Why do you think my mother would have come?"

The normal procedure goes that upon arrival at a salon, customers will be informed of the treatment that has been prescribed for them. The Draining Massage (DMS) treatment was prescribed as the follow-up treatment after my initial warming up treatment for that session.

The DMS is a massage-type treatment requiring the skills of one personnel to manage the customer for the duration of 30 to 45 minutes. During that period of time, this particular one staff will not be made available to service the other customers.

Lying down on the bed, I was about to start my initial warming-up treatment, the Heat Blanket treatment, which is used to warm up the body. The consultant servicing me, whom we shall name here as "Hard-Faced", immediately asked if I wanted to have a facial done. She then proceeded to describe how my face looked rather haggard and dark, emphasizing & pointing with her fingers on what she terms "unsightly spots".

"Hard-Faced" continued canvassing for a number of times that I should undertake a facial. Finally I just told her that I was not interested, and failing to persuade me, she left me in the room to have my treatment in peace.

The fact remains that as my mother had not utilized my facial treatment, I had one facial treatment remaining. It was fine if the Manager did not permit my mother to come in, as I understand that the company may want to increase their customer profile.

However, what was most aggravating was the fact that there was still one un-utilized facial treatment left, and here was this consultant who was trying to push me to have a facial done, and paying another sum of money on top of it.

That, in my opinion, did not make any sense.

After the completion of my initial warming-up treatment, however I was then informed that my follow-up treatment had been changed to an "electricity padding" (K3000) treatment. I was surprised, and very disappointed as I was awaiting the treatment that had been prescribed.

However, when I queried the Manager about this, she could not provide a solid answer. No explanation or word of apology was given. Instead, she tried to turn the tables on me by stating I should have informed the centre when making earlier appointments.

Excuse me, but are not appointments on Saturdays normally made weeks in advance?

On its own on a normal day, should only one of the items mentioned have occured, would not have triggered much expectations. Yet, little things sometimes have a way of coming together- creating that impacting snowball effect.

I was very disappointed as not only did the Manager not offer an apology, nor explanation, but she made me feel that I was to blame for the change of treatment.

The consultant who serviced me would not stop talking until I finally firmly told her I did not want it. She did not seem to understand that I wanted to be left in peace. In fact, she seemed to think that I was made of money. Which I am not.

Getting a treatment package at this salon is already expensive as it it. If the staff had put service before commission, perhaps I might have taken up on the additional treatment suggestions, regardless of the financial considerations.

Little things may seem insignificant, but they all add up to what makes the sum of good customer service. Indeed, I was not expecting a miracle, but it is disappointing when customers feel they are incompetently catered for.

What about you? What do you think constitutes good customer service?

Follow-Up Entry: Providing Duty of Care

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Salons & Shops: Desa Sri Hartamas.

Today I was in Hartamas again! So I took a walk around the area, and will describe where all the salons and shops are (or at least some of the ones I remember).

The shops in this entry are facing towards Jln 27/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas.

Jln 25/70A:
Beside YOU-JUNG hair salon, there is (8, GRD FLR) SHUNJI-MATSUO hair salon.
If my memory does not serve me wrong, LOTTE convenience store, and (36G) DRY CUT HAIR salon are located a few rows apart from each other.

Towards the end of both these rows (forming a rectangle like shape) is CATS WHISKERS, a clothes boutique, which has clothes categorized by colour (useful when shopping for colour by theme).

Jln 24/70A:
On the same row where (12-1)PARK CHUL hair salon is, there is a GUARDIAN pharmacy, a korean language academy (HAGWON), and a Korean Community Centre for korean migrants with CIMB bank on the end of the row, as well as a korean boutique.

If you are lost, you can google "Jln 27/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas " on Google Maps. Good luck, and hope you don't get lost!

Eyelash Extensions: RM80 onwards

This morning, my cousin Mabel made a rare visit to church. Since I had nothing to do in the afternoon, I followed her have her eyelash extensions done. It was at her friend's home in Puchong, and since I did not have any plans for the day, I decided to just go with her.


It was interesting. Mabel laid on the couch and then I begin to watch the entire process.
The "beautician" cleaned the area around the eyes and then cut out some white sticky tape and stuck it on the area under her eyes. She then painstickingly and patiently removed the rest of the remaining old eye-lashes.

If you are wondering, it's a lash-by-lash that has to be stuck using some sort of tweezer, and a special kind of liquid glue. The beautician said that after the process, the area should not come into contact to water for at least the next 5 hours.

As Mabel was having her eyelash extensions done, I watched Cars on the television, which was played for the sake of her toddler son who needed it on to catch his attention.

How much time did the entire process take?
About as long as the time taken for Cars to play, which is two hours.

The cost? RM90, for better lashes.
It came in two prices, RM80, and RM90 depending on length, and thickness.

Interested? Leave me your e-mail here, and I could get the contact details from my cousin.

Friday, August 21, 2009

YouJung Hair Salon, Hartamas: My Experience.

Today I went to have my hair done. Permed, and colour treated, that is.

I had been pondering on getting my hair done for a while ago.. and was planning on going to Park Chul's. Plans, like any other plans, sometimes go awry... and never executed due sometimes to certain unforseen circumstances.

By sheer coincidence, I managed to procure the car from my mother this, I stole some time off work.. *shhh*.. and drove to Hartamas. However, after parking my car (for about RM3, for three hours at a covered car park near Burger King), and walking out, I realised that my feet were hurting, and I could not be bothered to walk back to the car park to get the address for Park Chul's hair saloon..

So, like a lost and blind dog, there I was walking around with my hurting feet, and off randomly. Then I saw You-Jung, and decided to walk in!

Park Chul Hair Saloon, Hartamas: Kassie's Experience

I would have loved to try out their hair salon, however due to the unfortunate incident, this might just have to wait for another time. :-P

From Malaysian Babes Forum- *kassie*
it seems no one ve tried park chu before...tongue.gif

i try park chu saloon before. and im loving it. already went there for my 3rd time de. and i even bring my friends and family member there and they love it too. i went there for digital perm. and the perm can last for more than half a year. and im so in love with their color hair treatment that call 'medicute' its a color touch up treatment and ur hair is super soft and shiny after the treatment.and with reasonable price too. my hair length is at shoulder length. wash,cut,color treatment and perm only cost me RM350 and they only take 2 hours to finish it.

btw, park chu is located at hartamas. just opposite spicy mamak.

Oh well.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hartamas, Malaysia: You Jung Hair Salon

When I enquired if there were any korean hair salons in Hartamas, one of my korean friends recommended this one:

The experience of someone on the Malaysian Babes Forum:
" StarFall78's experience at the You Jung Hair Saloon:

I tried volumising rebonding at YouJung in February 2008, a few days before CNY. The price was RM250 including treatment. It was done by a Korean woman. She's very friendly and skillful. It took 3 hours to finish the whole process. Mind you, I don't have much hair and my hair is fine. But the result turned out fine. I like it. She even trimmed my hair a little ( I did the rebonding b4 I went for my haircut at my regular hairstylist, BIANCO). Complimentary service. I'm very pleased. smile.gif
Oya, she uses WELLA products.

I find the treatment machine she used quite fascinating. After the treatment mask applied, she put on a bulky shower cap to cover my hair, and the cap was attached to a pipe and machine. Then the huge shower cap slowly blew up bigger and bigger (the pipe was releasing steam, I believe), and it stayed on for quite sometime. I looked so funny, but it was a fun experience. smile.gif

Overall, I give thumbs up for her service and results too. The price is also reasonable. Btw, Youjung's her name. smile.gif "
You-Jung Hair Saloon
2-1 Jalan 25/70A
Desa Sri Hartamas

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Luzerno Professional Concept (Sothys-Partner Salon)


The menu of treatments..

This is a Sothys-Partner salon near my home.  There is not much information, or reviews on this place apart from this blog entry I found on the world wide web.

Its Promotions include:
* 40% off for 1st Trial Pevonia Spa treatments
* Traditional Thai Post Natal
* Herbal Compress Ball
* 40% off 1st Trial Ayurvedic Spa from RM40 onwards.
* 1st Trial: Sothys Treatment at RM128 onwards (from Sothys Menu of treatments)
* Teenage Facial at RM60 onwards
* Gentleman Skin Care at RM158 onwards
* 1st Trial: Gua-Sha Therapy Treatment at RM138 onwards.

I've not been to this salon before, but that's all right. However, as before, please put "The Beauty Regime- Chea Yee" as reference if you do head there. ^^

18, Jln Awan, Off Jln Klang Lama,
Tmn OUG, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: 03-7987 8000

Updated 31st Oct 09:
I have since visited this salon. This is the mini-review of my experience there.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Malaysia: Park Chul Hair Saloon

In TheStar special Wedding pull-out last Friday, it featured a write-up on a hair saloon managed by a korean couple, James Chung and Mitchell.

Their salon in Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur features the use of the organic hair product "The Primaria", that contains no chemicals and is even safe for pregnant ladies to use. They also provide what is called "Hair Coating" service which is supposedly common in South Korea, but still unknown in Malaysia.

Chung states that it is "the key to having shiny, good-looking hair", and the treatment lasts for up to 30 days.

Price wise, Chung states that prices of all hair treatments will include all that is necessary, without adding-on to the initial price, which seems to be the practice in most Malaysian salons.

Introductory Offer for June-August 2009 starts at
Volume Style Perm: RM170 onwards
Rebonding: RM250 onwards.
Organic Perm: RM200 onwards.

James 014-3115 319.
Park Chul Hair Saloon
12-1, Jalan 24/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480, Kuala Lumpur.

Park Chul Hair saloon ad

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