Sunday, May 31, 2009

Age Spots: What Are They?


Age spots are irregular increases in melanin that occur in the outer layer of the skin (known as the epidermis).


TOO MUCH SUNLIGHT!!! And you thought having a tan was good??
Apparently light skinned people develop melanin in their skin. The pigmentation that occurs is the skin's way of protecting us, in the form of freckles, or dark spots.


Wear sun-block, put on a hat, and sunglasses!
Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Intensive Age Spot Corrector.
Retin-A: It lightens the skin after applying it on sun-damaged spots every day for six months.
Vitaminc C 10% lotion (Cellex-C)
Vitamin E (5 % cream/oil after sun exposure)

Using Skin Dermabrasion Home Kits: As reviewed by Skinabrasion, recommends Youthful Essence, Lancome Resurface-C,

Vitamin C 300-500 miligrams
Vitamin E- 400 units (d-alpha-tocopherol)
Selenium 50-100 micrograms is the MAX. (I-Selenomethionine)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Body Shop Sale

May 30th 2009: The Body Shop is having its sale for the next one week more. (It started last week).

So anyways, I bought (TBS) Aloe Eye Defence for Sensitive Skin. (15ml)
Retail Price: RM58.00.
Nett Price: I had a 20 + 10 prcent off (for MaybankCard)

Product: (TBS) Seaweed Pore Perfector
Retail Price: RM59.00
Nett Price: 20 +10 percent off (for MaybankCard)

Can't remember what else I bought.


About Me

Dear readers, welcome to my humble blog.


Otherwise known as CY, or by my pen-name CheaKyGal ^^

The author is a chinese female from Malaysia. She is currently in her late 20s.

A lot of people have asked about my background, so here it is:

I am trained in early childhood education, and hold an International Diploma in Montessori Pedagogies, and Bachelors in Early Childhood Education. I have spent the last 10 years of my life in this field of work.

My life was spent in Australia for the past three years- both as a student, and as an employee. I also maintain a blog about early childhood education and issues, aside from my travel blog.

Now that I reflect on it, I realised that those three years abroad have changed my outlook in life, and myself as a person. I am very proud of my heritage as first an Asian, secondly a Chinese, and third my identity as a Christian believer.

I believe in speaking my rights as both a person and an individual.

In my younger days, I used to be bullied, however as a grown and thinking adult, I believe in speaking up for my rights. No one should be treated less than an individual, or person. Not even the domestic help.

My foray into the world of business, sales & marketing (my current occupation), has led me to develop a stronger sense of self. My mother says I should learn to be diplomatic in the world of business, but I do beg to differ. I do allow myself to be bullied once every often, by consultants at many of the salons I have been to.

However, I do not tolerate bad customer service (nor bad diluted coffee which I pay RM9 for, or food which has flies on it and I have to pay RM15 for it at a so-called upclass coffeehouse), especially if the service has been utmost atrocious.

Amongst other things, I have written official letters complaining about bad service when opening savings account at a bank (Citibank), fittings dropping off Swatch watches, badly written audio language books (Berlitz), refunds on my stolen debit Visa card (Maybank) for sums from RM500-RM1,000, verbal complaints on telephony customer service (Kanebo), etc, and have received good and prompt response from most.

However, I will give credit where its due. ^^

So be not surprised to see just as many customer-related entries in this blog!

I possess combination skin: a T-zone which is oily, and a cheek area which is dry. Hydrated as the facial therapists would call it.

Due to lack of sleep, I am beginning to resemble a panda- maybe a nearby relative!

Oh, and I do love my freckles! ^^

I have spent the first 25 years of my life in Malaysia. The last three years were spent in Australia. Cool, temperate weather. I've also visited New Zealand, South Korea, & Japan.

In the first year of my life in Australia, I did not moisturise my skin much which was a terrible err on my part.  As a result, it was severely neglected!

In order to try to salvage the damage, for the last two years, I had been faithfully cleaning and moisturising my face. Thankfully, it is now back to normal.

Upon my return to KL after three years abroad, I realised that all my friends (reaching the Big Three now) have put on weight.. A bit late, but I realised it is never too early to know the importance of looking after your skin, especially in your mid 20s.

I begin to get interested in the beauty & wellness field due to my work in sales & marketing, where initially most of my customers were from this area. To enlighten myself, I studied and research the information needed to equip myself in understanding the business.

Along the way, I made the decision to write this blog as a way of learning more about beauty & skincare. So join me in my journey, and I hope we will learn much together! I have devoted this blog to the males & females in their late 20s, targeting people of asian descent.

This blog will focus on reviews on beauty services (i.e facial services, spas, salons), some skincare products, tips for a healthy lifestyle and general wellness, travel health, other lifestyle musings, the sometimes good and healthy food dineries, and the occasional author musings.

I don't really do the product review (i.e eyeshadow application, foundation, etc).. just find it a tad bit tedious.

I will also write on handling customer service and complaints, and when able, to negotiate for giveaways and other free gifts & prizes to be given away to my loyal readers!

You may send an mail to [thebeautyregime] at [gmail] dot [com].

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bizzy Body: Hard Selling Outlet Manager

The Bad Experience I had Today:
Today I had an experience with this Chinese manager, Miss C who had replaced the current beauty salon manager of the Bizzy Body (The "so called' Slimming Expert) outlet that I am currently patronizing. It's the time of the month, where I presume that perhaps the HeadQuarters are pushing their outlet managers to reach their sales quota but this is no excuse for such behaviour from a Salon Manager.

Miss C kept insisting that I convert my current service package that I am using to the one she had in mind., which was a "so-called" promotion by their company. Guess how much is that amount?

Amount To Convert:
RM3,000.00! WHAT? Does she think that money grows on trees?

She was hounding me from the second week I started with her (I've only done only 5 days out of the 25 days that I was eligible to). So I've got a total of 20 more days my treament credits to go. Plus two more facial credits.

Miss C's Faux Paux:

Miss C had the gall to say that whatever in "black & white" that Kelly (the previous manager who is a Chinese) has written for me will be the one that Miss C will continue prescribing to me. Whereby, what Kelly had done was, that was for the recording purposes "in black & white" for the HeadQuarters to see, but she as Manager could do as she deemed fit to help me achieve my outcomes.

There are some key areas where she had done wrong whereby,

1) She critisized the past work of past staff when they had not done anything wrong, is just really wrong. It gives a bad impression to clients of her as a Manager.

2) Taking the reassurance out of customers for a past purchase will only deter them from patronizing the service provider in future. It makes them feel that they have made an unwise decision in making that transaction.

3) Not honouring the promises that were given by the previous Outlet Manager. Does that mean that your company's representatives can't deliver its promises?

Further, she stated that in order for "results to show" from the services that I had purchased, I will have to "top-up" on it, so that it will be GUARANTEED. RIGHT.

From previous experience, according to Kelly, she had said that the terms "Guaranteed Assurance" means that the client must be willing to "listen to the beauty consultant's recommendations", in which according to this blog author's translation means:

"to further invest financially" in paying more for "further expensive un-necessary so-called-complementary-merchandise-which-may-or-may-not work". Which could cost the customer a freaking few more Grand in Ringgit Malaysia.

What Miss C Should Have Done:

The biblical words of " A House that is Divided Will Not Stand" comes to mind.

1) She should have been more FLEXIBLE & "looked further to the BIG PICTURE", by playing along with what Kelly had done, stating that what Kelly had decided was the best option during that time, but they had come up with a better alternative scheme "along the way" to help the customers.

2) She should have taken the path of converting my "unused credits" to more "viable options" that would help me achieve what I had set out to do sooner, rather than "threatening" the client. By doing so, it would have left the client with a more satisfying solution.

As they say, a "satisfied customer" will bring in more leads (which will translate to more sales).

My Best Solution to Manage this Scenario:

I had a good mind to report her to the HeadQuarters. But what did I finally do?

I wanted to see what she will do next. So, I just IGNORED her and told her she can do whatever she wants to do, gave her a nice smile, & walked out of the salon.

In future, I will just ignore her suggestions, since Miss C has just lost my trust as a "trustworthy Manager". Yes, and I might drop a word with her company's HQ after all. I want to see what else she would do from now....

Friday, May 1, 2009

Bad Telephony Service: Reflection

This is a reflection on my previous entry.

I was driving the car today to One Utama when a cousin of mine called demanding to know about a solution to her FaceBook setting queries... since i was occupied, I passed the mobile to my friend, Asta who was sitting beside me.. and she answered my cousin’s query in a very diplomatic manner eventhough she was not required to.
Then it hit me that wat the Sales Assistant at Kanebo lacked was good customer service.
WHat she should have done was instead of denying that such a promotion exists, she should have said something along the lines of “I will call Bridge Alliance to confirm that this promotion is on-going and get back to you,” even though if she was not actually going to.

Which is what Asta had said to my cousin.

With that we concurred that what the Sales Assistant at Kanebo really need is good customer training on how to answer phone calls. SA like these will drive customers away before they even arrive, esp. if the salon is a reputed brand. People expect better “service” jst because it is a good brand. More so if they are on the frontline of a company.

When customers query a merchant about a promotion, they may not necessarily utilize it. but what they want to know is taht the merchant will keep to their word (honour their promotion), and if they cant have the confidence of something being delivered, why would they even want to think of putting down their hard earned cash into the merchant’s pockets?
I shouldn't have to be made to make a call to another outlet, or to write to Kanebo to confirm the details. Perhaps I should have done what Julia Robert's character, Vivian Ward in Pretty Woman did to those ladies who treated her badly just because she didn't have appropriate attire on, and had gone into the shop wearing her new suit stating, "You work on commission right? Big mistake, huge!" and left the shop with a smug look on her face.

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