Thursday, February 10, 2011

My First Poh Kong's Tranz Haul.

As it was my friend's day out, I decided to follow Zen out to Mid Valley today.

Recently I developed an interest in jewellery, and in particular precious metals ever since checking out Tiffany's. I then decided to pay a visit to the two outlets that Poh Kong was operating on the Ground level.

My philosophy in purchasing items, at least in terms of precious metals and jewellery
- jewellery should be visible, but not overwhelming. It should complement the attire and outfit and of course, the person who wears it should like it.

I checked out the Poh Kong Tranz collection, which had more contemporary designs to appeal to the younger generation. The design below is not available on the Poh Kong website however.

With Poh Kong's products, the Tranz collection is firmly priced. Discounts are not available for this range. I was also informed that the Tranz collection is copyrighted, which is a good thing for people who prefer exclusivity in their jewellery collection.

For the normal gold design collection, items are priced according to current daily gold prices by type. Discounts are available for the normal collection.

There were a few 'heart' pendant designs, but I finally decided on this.

A heart pendant from Tranz Collections.

Tranz Heart Pendants(4.49g) : RM1090.00

White Gold Layered Ring (916 gold- 3.65g) RM590.00

So, what do you think of the purchase? Like the designs?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Last S2 Slimming Treatment for now.

So I finished my so called "last" treatment at S2 Slimming today. I called up at 9.30, and made an appointment for 10am! I decided to get it over and done with so that I could spend the rest of the afternoon on doing other things with my family.

From the chart, it recorded my lowest weight at about 61kgs in May 2010 (yes, I'm putting my weight here in public).

After being away for almost 8 months to Australia, and having lots of physical & strenuous work, I'm now down to 55.6 kilos today. Yes, that's after all the CNY bingeing and Loh Sang.

The Outlet Manager, Ingrid came in to greet me and enquire about my well being. Of course she followed up on my record by recommending that I top-up on my treatments, offering an amount similar to what they have on promotion being RM988, with about 5 treatments. (Perhaps she might offer more if I bargain... *LOL*)

Since I'd be leaving on Sunday, I decided I didn't want to spend too much time going to the salon as my point in coming back for CNY was to spend time with my family & friends.

So there, that was my decision. Perhaps at another in future.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Facial at 128 Faubourg- Bangsar Village 2.

Yes, so I made an appointment there today.

The appointment was supposed to be at 2.30, but I ended up late..... so I ended up being slotted in for the appointment at 4pm.

There have been three new released treatments since I left Malaysia, namely the Vital Coolness Treatment (RM350), Resurfacing Cosmeceutic Treatment (RM350), and Chocolate Caramel (RM??) which I would loved to have tried, but they were too expensive for my budget... 

The Salon Manager insisted that I was not eligible for newly released facial treatments, but I don't think that was to be true as I remembered in the past, my facial therapist, Celine had informed me that as long as the treatments were released after we came in, we could try out the promotional rates for the treatments, though we were existing customers.

Somehow the terms seem to differ... from outlet to outlet?

The Salon Manager did however insist that if I wanted more competitively priced facial treatments, that I should go for their facial treatment packages.

I would have had no idea what the new facial treatments were had I not stalked their Facebook page for months....I am beginning to miss Celine...  *LOL*

As retaliation, I ended up opting for the Hydra Lift Professional Treatment (RM260), and the Under-Arm Lightening Treatment (RM50). Hah!

The therapist who served me was Annie, from East Malaysia. She was friendly and chatty, and had a typical Malaysian sounding accent which made me mistake her for Chinese at times. 

Annie did ask to confirm my treatments of choice before the start of the treatments, and I liked that she gave me an option to rethink my treatment choices.

This is also the same outlet I went where I have met some other pretty pushy characters last year during their promotional events, so do keep that in mind if you do make a visit.

Post treatment, Annie recommended me a number of products that was used during my facial treatment which included the cleansing milk, and toner, hydrating cream and another product.

As I had too many cleansers and toners to date, I decided on getting the Pore Refiner System - Smoothing Refiner Solution (30mls), and Mattifying Refiner Solution (30mls) which came up to RM538 under one of their current promotions. I will trial the products out and give a review on the blog later.

As my purchases met the requirements for membership renewal into the yearly Sothys Priviledge Programme, I was given a complimentary travel set worth RM280. It contained four products being Morning Cleanser (15ml), Normalizing Lotion (40ml), Hydroptimale Th13(15ml), Normalizing Beauty Milk (40ml) which came in a transparent travel pouch.

Will put up pictures later!

So what do you think of my visit to the Bangsar 128 Faubourg outlet?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

My First Tiffany's Haul.

Most girls have one. If you haven't, you've probably heard of it in a song.

Or maybe seen a movie about it.

If the girls don't have one, they might want one.

What is this elusive brand? Well, not exactly very elusive.. but quite exclusive. ^^

Tiffany's signature turquoise blue paper bag and stationary.

So, I headed down to KLCC early this evening. Located next to Tiffany's was Louis Vuitton.... wow.. talk about premium view at entrance area... Louis Vuitton has gloved personnel that opens the doors for you, and the hall is limited to a number of visitors each time.

Anyways, I  took a deep breath before entering ....

I checked out a few of its range, being the Tiffany's Notes, Tiffany Somerset, and Return to Tiffany's.

Please take note that the prices I've put down here are the ones taken from their websites, except for the one in RM which is the approximate to what I remembered.

Since it was my first time at a Tiffany's outlet, the sales personnel, a Mr.J.Y recommended me a first-time buyer's range.

He introduced me to the pendants from Tiffany's Notes, which had a few pendant designs to my interest. There was the "Fifth Avenue Heart tag" (About RM440?), and the Tiffany Notes in square pendant in sterling silver, (RM470).
I really liked the Tiffany's Somerset range in sterling silver with diamonds (USD375), and other designs in its range, however their price was more than what my budget could currently afford. The Return to Tiffany's range did not hold my interest as much though.

In the end, I decided on this.(click & zoom in to have closer view).
Tiffany Notes in square pendant in sterling silver, RM470.

After working out the conversion, I realised its less expensive to get it in Malaysia than in Australia, as the range here is more affordable at the current conversion rate RM2.8: AUD1. The RRP rate for the square pendant in sterling silver (pictured above- RRP. AUD195). It works out to RM550 in Australia.

So what do you think? Nice? Going to check it out?



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