Tuesday, October 2, 2012

PJ Half Marathon 2012: Post Marathon Recovery.

PJ Half Marathon Number: J8710
So it's been two days after the PJ Half Marathon on Sunday.
My kneecaps were stretched and hurting about an hour after the marathon. I had woken up at 4am, then drove to the place with my companion, and arrived at Stadium Kelana Jaya by 5am.
The place was already bustling with so many people walking about by the time we got off the car.

Festival Camaradarie: Not exactly Half Marathon runners, I guess? LOL.
 So these are my records:
I completed the 3km race in 22 mins. My right heel was blistering and hurting, which I believe was due to ill fitting shoes needed for a marathon.
My companion completed it in 15-18 mins (she didn't carry a watch, so time can't be confirmed). She was wearing New Balance shoes, and her stamina was a lot better than mine.

Lovely new New Balance shoes. RM113.
New Shoes:
Anyways, bought myself a new pair of running shoes size 5 (kids size) from New Balance. They had set up a stall at the place, and since my Clarks "sports look a like" shoe wasn't doing me any good, I decided to just give it a go.
Cost? N.P RM189. After 40% Discount: Rm113. New Balance salesperson says the shoes can support up to at least 15km in one run only. Lifespan to be replaced every 850km.
Post Race Recovery:  
Read this linke here to find out more on Post Race Recovery

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