Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Winter Weight

So winter weight is upon us.

At first I was suspicious about it, but some tinkering on the Internet seemed to deem this phenomenon as real. As Australian winters are much milder than the ones in South Korea, I would deem it that we would pack on less pounds in the former than in the latter.

So yes, its now time to prevent that which is to come. Putting on winter weight.

If you key in "winter weight" on Google, the search results come up to almost 15,600,000 results. No big joke.

Anyways, some of the tips given include:

1) Don't forgo exercise:
Cold weather is no excuse to skip workouts. Well, that stairs of mine ( I am renting in a double storey house now) could double up as a tread mill. Whatever you do, exercise at least three times a week to burn calories, tone your muscles, and prevent illness.

2) Don't Overdo It With Warm Comfort Foods.
Keep it down on high calorie comfort foods like full cream milk, or hot potatoes. Might be yummy, but don't overdo on it.

3) Sip Hot Tea Instead of Hot Chocolate
That was a good tip I read somewhere. Hot Tea has no sugar- hence, no calories.

4) Wear Fitted Clothes
So, the advice was not to wear anything which is stretchy. As I have realised at work today, any additional pounds to my normal non-stretchy clothes will make me sit up and watch my weight. Which it did!

5) Weigh Yourself Regularly
So I'm up by one kilo from my normal of about 55kgs. It's still not that bad, but I want to prevent winter weight, so that really is a good idea to start now that it's still autumn.

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