Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Elken: Corpsdevere DX Photo Journey

I havent taken much pictures of myself in it the last half year as I have seriously turned into a huge fat blob.....

                                                    June 2012: 
Sentosa Island - notice my disappearing waist line .... 

                                                         July 2012:
With my korean mate, Jo. Ballooning up!

A Famosa- waistline could fill spaces in a triangular prism!

The first two pictures were taken before I bought the Corpsdevere DX. My waist is very obviously non existent! I ballooned to my maximum in June 2012!

                                                    August 2012:

This picture on the bottom was taken in August with me wearing the Corpsdevere DX Body Shaper. Couple this with a minimum of at least two evenings of exercise each week and cutting down on my food portions, my waist is beginning to make its appearance.

I'm still not there yet, but slowly making progress and waiting for the day where I can do without the body shaper but use only the Waist Nipper for maintainence  >_<


Like what you see? If you are interested to get the Corpsdevere DX, leave me a comment with your details and I will get back to you.

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