Saturday, August 4, 2012

S2 Slimming: Arms & Shoulder Treatment

This morning, I went to S2 Slimming in Kuchai Lama.

The movements of my arms and shoulders have been feeling somewhat less fluid and clogged in the past few weeks, so when the head therapist, Florence, asked me what I wanted, I asked her to work on my arms...

First she used the G5 machine which works on the surface on both sides of my arms and shoulders for about 7+ minutes on each side.(15 mins treatment)

Then I was sent off for steam bath for about 20 minutes, where the occurring perspiration was supposed to help the blood circulate. After which, she applied the cupping machine (CST) for about 15 mins to each side of my shoulder (30 mins treatment).

The treatment ended with an application of a hot clay mask and Infra Red Lamp for 30 minutes.

I came out with greenish blue black bruises on both sides of my shoulder that my mates were wondering if I was beaten up on the streets and got my purse snatched! LOL.

We shall see the progress of the treatment works, which claims to assist in the circulation of the blood vessels around my arms.

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