Saturday, October 10, 2009

Beauty 9 Expo: Expo Price List.

The APEX Finale promotion- Booth 2H20:

-APEX COFFEE Slimming Tea- 1 Box RM29.90 NP RM80.90
- Xalon pac Minikit: RM19.90
- DermaK- Double Cleansing Set RM118.00 Below 5 sets RM168.00
-Nardia Anti-Wrinkle Set RM139.00 Below 5 sets RM250.00
- Nardia Body Pamper SEt RM29.90
- ido's i20- Twilight Guardian Mask 10 pcs.
- ido's 10 Ultra Rich Strength 80ml RM34.90 NP RM125.00
- DS10 (C) Ultra Whitening Serum Cooling Mask 6 pcs RM19.90 NPRM75.00
- DS10 Ultra Whitening Serum Mask 10 pcs RM39.90 NP RM75.00
- DS13 Signature SPF 20/PA++ 50ml RM29.90 NP RM80.90
- DS09 Purifying Comedo Essence 15ml: RM25.90 NP RM102.00
-11NK Moisture Complex Mask 10 pcs RM39.90 NP RM75.00
-12NK 5th Aqua Sense 80ml RM26.90 NP RM102.00
-13NK Sun Care SPF 20/PA++ 120ml RM34.90 NP RM102.00 (Whilst Stocks Last!)
- 11NK (C) Moisture Complex Cooling Mask 6 pcs RM19.90 NP RM75.00

Saloon Enterprise Sdn Bhd:
Beauty Cottage
- RM50 for 4 boxes of face ampoules (10 ampoule pieces per box)
- RM10 for 4 x face mask packs 25 gms (powdered)
- RM6 for 1 x face mask Gold 25 gms (powdered).
- RM100 for 3 x body contouring serums
-RM67 for 1 x body contouring gel 1000ml.
Beauty Credit: (korean skincare- with Gu Hye Sun as model)
- about 10-15% off their normal price. (depending on the hour of the day!)

Tsuya Tsuya Enterprise:
- Callus Removing Patch- 5 packets (6 pieces of patches@ 1 packet)- RM50.00
- Angel Eyes Lash Treatment Formula Set of three- RM100.00
1 x Black Fibre For Volumising (NP RM80.00)
1 x White Fibre For Lengthening. (NP RM80.00)
1 x Mascara (NP RM50.00)

RYK Professional Sdn Bhd: (korean local based company)
Mijain Hwangto Mask Set RM150-RM200 NP280.00
Mozaco Product Link
- 20 facial packs (10g/10pack/2 boxes) + Cosmo Bag (1 bowl, 1 spoon, 1 sample soap 20g, 1 sample pack 10g).


baby said...

nardia body pamper set is what?
idos twilight guardian mask how much?
beauty credit really 30%?

CheaKyGal said...

oh, Ido's twilight guardian mask is Rm59.90..

beauty credit about 30%. They brought the Q10 series (yellow colour) and a number of stuff, and a lot of their cosmetics and BBCream. i didn't get any as I have a lot from Missha now.

Nardia Body Pamper Set- seems like 3 bottles of products from their picture... I didn't really look at it though....

CheaKyGal said...

There are two companies selling Beauty Cottage..

one of the companies will ask if you are a public visitor (end user) or a salon owner.

There maybe different pricing if you are a salon owner (cheaper that is), and more expensive (end user), depending on the company...

The Difference is about 3 X more for end-user!


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