Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Asterspring: Won a RM260 Facial Service Voucher!

Last week, I headed down to Asterspring at Bangsar Shopping Centre for a facial tergempar..

Bought a facial package for RM260.

When I checked my receipt, there was a SMS in contest for purchases above RM100 in a single receipt. Quickly, quickly so I sent in my entry as I wanted to be among the first 36 SMSes of the day.

But did not expect much from it, so totally forgot all about it...

Today when I was busy at work, suddenly I I received a call from the Bangsar outlet informing me that I have won a RM260 Facial Service Voucher~!!

Woot Woot. Happy!! ^^

1 comment:

Sinar Baru Trading said...

Congrat CY,

How lucky u are. hehe


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