Thursday, February 10, 2011

My First Poh Kong's Tranz Haul.

As it was my friend's day out, I decided to follow Zen out to Mid Valley today.

Recently I developed an interest in jewellery, and in particular precious metals ever since checking out Tiffany's. I then decided to pay a visit to the two outlets that Poh Kong was operating on the Ground level.

My philosophy in purchasing items, at least in terms of precious metals and jewellery
- jewellery should be visible, but not overwhelming. It should complement the attire and outfit and of course, the person who wears it should like it.

I checked out the Poh Kong Tranz collection, which had more contemporary designs to appeal to the younger generation. The design below is not available on the Poh Kong website however.

With Poh Kong's products, the Tranz collection is firmly priced. Discounts are not available for this range. I was also informed that the Tranz collection is copyrighted, which is a good thing for people who prefer exclusivity in their jewellery collection.

For the normal gold design collection, items are priced according to current daily gold prices by type. Discounts are available for the normal collection.

There were a few 'heart' pendant designs, but I finally decided on this.

A heart pendant from Tranz Collections.

Tranz Heart Pendants(4.49g) : RM1090.00

White Gold Layered Ring (916 gold- 3.65g) RM590.00

So, what do you think of the purchase? Like the designs?

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