Sunday, February 6, 2011

My First Tiffany's Haul.

Most girls have one. If you haven't, you've probably heard of it in a song.

Or maybe seen a movie about it.

If the girls don't have one, they might want one.

What is this elusive brand? Well, not exactly very elusive.. but quite exclusive. ^^

Tiffany's signature turquoise blue paper bag and stationary.

So, I headed down to KLCC early this evening. Located next to Tiffany's was Louis Vuitton.... wow.. talk about premium view at entrance area... Louis Vuitton has gloved personnel that opens the doors for you, and the hall is limited to a number of visitors each time.

Anyways, I  took a deep breath before entering ....

I checked out a few of its range, being the Tiffany's Notes, Tiffany Somerset, and Return to Tiffany's.

Please take note that the prices I've put down here are the ones taken from their websites, except for the one in RM which is the approximate to what I remembered.

Since it was my first time at a Tiffany's outlet, the sales personnel, a Mr.J.Y recommended me a first-time buyer's range.

He introduced me to the pendants from Tiffany's Notes, which had a few pendant designs to my interest. There was the "Fifth Avenue Heart tag" (About RM440?), and the Tiffany Notes in square pendant in sterling silver, (RM470).
I really liked the Tiffany's Somerset range in sterling silver with diamonds (USD375), and other designs in its range, however their price was more than what my budget could currently afford. The Return to Tiffany's range did not hold my interest as much though.

In the end, I decided on this.(click & zoom in to have closer view).
Tiffany Notes in square pendant in sterling silver, RM470.

After working out the conversion, I realised its less expensive to get it in Malaysia than in Australia, as the range here is more affordable at the current conversion rate RM2.8: AUD1. The RRP rate for the square pendant in sterling silver (pictured above- RRP. AUD195). It works out to RM550 in Australia.

So what do you think? Nice? Going to check it out?


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Tommy Chooi said...

i've been looking forward to get my girl a gift from t&co .. thanks for the post ! never thought it's way cheaper to get in Malaysia .. hehe cheers !


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