Monday, January 24, 2011

Are prices of facials justified?

If there is one thing I must get off my back, it is I feel that prices of facials in the cosmopolitan Kuala Lumpur sites are unjustified.

In Australia, I am more or less able to deduce the profit margin of a facial whereby a Masseur's salary AUD15/hour.

The average price of a facial in Australia ranges from AUD50 onwards. If the salary of a masseur is factored in, depending on the length of the facial, that's almost AUD30 of a profit margin of the facial remaining, before calculating the cost of the products and rent of the salon.

In Malaysia, what exactly is the average price of a facial treatment? In some of these so called "facial salons" which give you a voucher for RM50 for a facial, they exaggerate the value of the facial, and yet the rendering of these first trial/discounted priced facials leaves much to be desired.

Is RM200 for a facial treatment in Malaysia justified?

The average price of a facial in Australia is as much as AUD120, yet the average salary is AUD15/hour. In Malaysia, RM200 is almost a huge chunk off a person's salary, yet the price of a facial is unjustified where the average salary is not even RM15/hour.

Not to mention the cost of the products for the facial. Even Sothys facial are not as expensive as some of these so-called RM200 facials..

So, what do you think?

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