Saturday, January 15, 2011

Some Menstrual Must-Nots.

So, I'm currently in the midst on an all things 'menstruation' obsession.

I'm now at home, and decided to give church a miss this week. The thought of taking a bus and doing all the public transport transfers, sitting in service for three hours wondering if there was going to be any staining was just too stimulation and stress for me to take.

I've read some things on the website, in particular to the Western perspective on things

1. It is okay to have a hairwash.
There has been much debate on this old wives tale. Essentially, the thinking is that hair is a 'dead object' and washing hair is a must do daily routine.

For me, that would mean an even greasier than greasy scalp.

However, I read that there is a dry shampoo that one can use, which is available at most western chemists/pharmacies.

However, there has been readings which explain the reason for this. Apparently, the hair follicles open up when hair is washed, and is somewhat linked to the 'qi gong' and would affect the menstrual cycle.

It may also cut-short the menstrual cycle, which is detrimental in the long run, as that means your body has not fully 'detoxified' yet.

2. It is okay to go swimming.

Seriously, which female in her right mind would actually want to go swimming when she is having her monthlies?

Some tampon website actually recommended putting on a tampon, then go swimming.

It just sounds downright dirty. I know that when a female goes into the water, the bleeding will stop until she comes out of the water.

Still, exposing your body to all the pathogens, dirty water, bacteria, and goodness knows what at the time when your body is prone and sensitive to all kinds of illness, is just not right.

Better to let your body have a rest.

3. It is okay to have sexual intercourse.

Hmm, you do realise the bleeding is necessary as a 'detoxifying' regime for a female's body?

The 'bleeding' that occurs isn't the normal kind of 'bleeding', but one that contains items that the female body has to be rid of.

Why drag in a male?

Unless he's some sadist masochistic who likes blood during intercourse. Euuuu.

4. It is okay to have any kinds of food.

I've been having warm, or hot food only. Really, when your body is not feeling well, cold water doesn't really help. And cold food for that matter.

My malaysian chinese housemate says that I should avoid teas, and ice cream, and any other kind of 'cooling' food.

Anyways to help with cramps, I've had Ibuprofen to help reduce the symptoms. Its a good friend.

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