Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Exciting Plan on Return to KL.

So, I'm coming home with an empty suitcase.... Really, there isn't much for me to bring back to KL, since everything in the latter is so much cheaper.. I have enough skincare supply back in my KL home to last for the next two years.

I was actually thinking of applying for an Australian credit card prior to my return, but was advised that it would be difficult if applicants did not hold a permanent residency, and that it did not actually assist in building credit ratings in Australia, unlike in The States. So I guess Debit cards would have to suffice for now.. LOL. (But actually, I don't really think they care if you apply in person, but that's for another post...)

As for my exciting plans, I'm already definitely doing this, and this.

1) Digital Perm- Korean, or Japanese also can. Price range about RM300 + lar

2) Facial at 128 Faubourg.

3) A good nice massage?  Heh.

4) Get two pairs of glasses. and also a pair of good proper sunglasses.

No idea what my budget is as yet, since I have yet to see the local prices yet. But spectacles around here range from 70-80AUD onwards.

5) Clothes shopping - with Shirley Tan, or someone who wants to go with me. The last time I went was at Bangsar. She's got good taste.

6) As for S2 Slimming, I probably have a few treatments left at the salon.

The only problem being that since I currently do not own a car, or will be lack of one on my trip back, the salon would be a bit out of the way for me to have access to like I used to previously.

7) Meet up with peers-- my close girl friends, bloggers, Tammy, etc. ^^ If there are any events, do pass on an invitation, thanks!

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