Tuesday, January 4, 2011

So, I'm definitely coming back for Chinese New Year!

So I'm double posting here on both my blogs.

So I spoke to my boss this morning.  At first she was hesitant, but then she agreed to let me go off.. she had to...!

I had a valid reason to come back to Malaysia, to renew my passport, and of course, to see my family.

Of course, I made it easy for her to say yes by doing my homework before asking her... I had to check which days the workplace would be less busy, so she could let me go.

All the staff will be fighting for more work hours in the weeks to come, so one going off would make planning much easier for her.

I've already started planning what I have to do before heading back to Kuala Lumpur, so that I can prioritize the most important administrative tasks first.

Not sure about shopping for new year, but will definitely be getting new clothes for the summer to bring back to Sydney. Everything is SO MUCH CHEAPER in KL, okay??

I'm definitely going to:

1) Get a digital perm at the korean/japanese salon. It's about AUD150 onwards or about there for a digital perm for mid length. So that's about RM450 after conversion, or more depending on length of hair. Yes, that's by real koreans. Korean salons abound everywhere in Sydney, okay??

2) Go for a facial at Sothys 128 Faubourg - the most we can get in Sydney is Sothys Ampoule facials, which is really shitty anyways. The Ampoule Facial I last checked in Sydney was AUD79, but may not include extractions, or eyebrow removal which is like an additional AUD12, and that makes it about AUD90 onwards.

The most I had ever paid for a facial in Sydney was in Ashfield for about AUD120 and that was a normal Ampoule Sothys facial, and that was as much as I was willing to spend. Which after conversion is about RM390 or about there.

3) Maybe get one of the OSIM thingies.. not that I would bother using it. Ha ha ha.. the last one I had was still lying somewhere in the lounge room.

4) Definitely go for a good massage. Massages in Sydney run about AUD35 for 30 minutes, or AUD60 for 60 minutes. The Thai massages run up to AUD75 and over for about an hour.

*Currency Conversion is done on a AUD 1: RM3 blanket conversion.


Foxy Frangipani said...

ooh are you thinking of uKimono from Osim? :)

CY said...

LOL.. i had some contraption... but its back in KL. there was no space in my luggage, so i didn't bring it along with me on my trip to sydney.

The only places that sell stuff from OSIM around here is near the chinese/asian areas,or malls.


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