Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I lost weight.

So I've been ranting recently. Its pretty natural when one crosses borders.

But then again, the way that beauty salons run here is so noticeable that unless the customer was walking around with their brains locked up in the clouds, they must be really blind indeed.

Anyways, I'm blogging this coz everyone that I've met in the last three days (since my return to KL), the first thing that they said was:

"You've lost weight!"

So I asked, "which part?"

"All over!"

"Really? How come I can't tell?"

 Before I left, I was almost going on 60 kgs. Now I'm between 54-55 kgs. But then again, 3 kilos isn't really much.

"Uh, your face is much sharper now than before....."

"Umm.. I see..."

So if I lost another 5 kilos, that would just be perfect.

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