Monday, January 31, 2011

Some Malaysian-Sydney economic differences.

Some of the things different.

Lifestyle products and services have always been premiumly priced, but there are differences in how they are priced.

1. Facial treatments
Klang Valley - Facial salons, spas & massage services, particularly those within the Klang Valley, charge between RM60- RM100. It is almost impossible to pay less than RM100 for a facial in Klang Valley. The only exception would be those operating on a home salon basis.

Massages here range from RM50 for a one -and-half hour massage, which is the cheapest I have found. THe highest was RM120 for a 120 (two hour massage) for Thai massages.

Sydney- Within the vicinity of the CBD, and up to Narwee& Ashfield, facial prices range from AUD50- as much as AUD120. The most I have paid so far is AUD120 for a Sothys facial, whereas its as high as RM350 for a Sothys facial in KL.

Thai and normal massage for one hour range between AUD75 to maybe a bit more. In terms of messages, it is more similar on a dollar to dollar basis.

2. Karaokes-

Klang Valley-
I recently heard that Karaokes charges between RM60 per person, including buffet. And that is about for three hours.

I think that's pretty expensive.

We were paying AUD15 per room for non peak hours, and AUD30 per room during peak hours in a korean noraebang in Sydney, which sometimes even threw in extra half an hour to one hour for free.

The other mostly chinese run Karaokes were charging more, and they didn't throw in any free time for that matter. So much for keeping the customers happy!

In conclusion, noraebangs are the most affordable, and value for money on a dollar to dollar basis, as the more people who went in, the cheaper per room it was.

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