Monday, September 28, 2009

Customer Service: Extremely Desperate Sales Behaviour

Recently, after the Origins Be The Change event at Mid Valley recently, my colleague, Ven and I were feeling tired after a 3 hour hike around the mall.

I spied an anchor tenant that retailed home care reflexology machines, on one of the floors, and proceeded to enter the shop. On greeting, the salesperson who attended me tried a neck styled reflexology contraption which I draped around my neck.

Halfway trying out that contraption, I told the SA that I wanted to try out the feet reflexology machine, and moved towards it removing the neck styled contraption. My colleague, Ven, who was observing all this then asked for the price of the contraption, where the neck one came up to about Rm700+ , and the feet contraption about Rm1,000+.

Ten minutes into the machine, the SA asked if I wanted to buy it, and "cash, credit, or deposit", and he proceeded to take one from the cupboard and into the paper bag. I was very surprised!

The SA asked Ven if he ws going to get the contraption... on seeing that, the latter ran out of the shop and decided to sit on the bench opposite the shop for the next 20 minutes there after...

I told the SA that he must have frightened off my colleague who may not have wanted to stay after what he did! A bit after that, I indicated that I wanted to leave by turning off the contraption, but the SA must have realised my intention, and then decided to restart the  machine.

Fortunately, the SA decided then it was wiser to move from giving his sales pitch to small talk, and by the time I was almost done with the machine, there were other people entering the shop (a family with relatives and young children)..

Sigh. The things people will do for money....

It's a good thing I had less than RM50 with me.

An acquaitance, Mel, noted that this seems to be customary behaviour for sales people in a stationary outlet, where there is no inflow of customers, as compared to one on a road-show. Still, he was very much shocked-surprised when I told him of the salesperson's behaviour!


srigopyy said...

I love your honesty, your writing style and your subject matter!
Thank You...

kenwooi said...

pushing for business huh? =)

CheaKyGal said...

indeed they are... read my latest post, ken.. about redeeming samples.


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