Sunday, September 13, 2009

Eric & Guy Hair Salon: Glue-Free Hair Extensions Specialist.

Have you ever wanted to have hair extensions done because you thought yours was just too short, and you just did not have an entire year to wait before you could change your appearance?

How about if you just wanted hair extensions the old fashioned way, by a specialist, not using glue because it might just drop, but extensions that were painstakingly pleated, and willing to pay for big money for it?

Well, that's what my cousin, M did. She had her hair extensions done at this hair salon in this hair salon in Jalan Lazat, Happy Garden, Kuala Lumpur. She was lucky to have her hair extensions pleated the old fashioned way by a  speacialist, and DID NOT use glue.

Now, I think that's good as the customer need not worry about hair dropping because glue is always at the risk of losing its "stickability".

THE SALON SERVICES: According to Mabel, the Eric & Guy Salon provides the normal hair services like wash, cut, perm, as well as hair extensions. "pok tau-fat" as they call it in Cantonese.

TIME TAKEN: About 3-4 hours taken to pleat half a head of hair extensions.

According to M, it takes about minimum 50 pleats even for half a head. For the whole head, it will take approximate 100 pleats, so in all it may cost approximate RM300+ in total.

Being, RM7 per strip (which contains 10 strands of hair). So 1 pleat costs RM28 being (RM7 x 4 strips).

LASTABILITY: It's been 12 months since M had her hair extensions done. It's still going good, and she did not need to return for any follow-up services.

M did it for the sake of changing her outlook. According to her, it may be expensive, but it can last long, and it provides a more natural appearance than say using wigs. M continued to say that customers have to do their own research to find a salon that will work out for them.

Sorry, but none is available as it could not be found on the internet. However, the place is located between Sri Petaling, and Happy Garden, near the dim sum restaurants on Jalan Lazat.

Good luck searching!!


EmilyS said...

Can I have the contact number of Tony & Guy?

Vuvu said...

Can show her result in photo?


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