Sunday, September 27, 2009

Korean Brand: Squid Ink Hair Care.

If you have ever been to a korean hair salon, you may have seen a poster with a picture of a squid on the wall. I could not find any information on the world wide web about "Cuttle Fish Ink".

However, there is a brand called "Squid Ink" or maybe known as O-jing-eo Ink-ku (오징어 잉크). The meaning of Cuttle Fish and Squid are similar in Korean. 

Brand: Squid Ink Shampoo
Size: 1000 grams
Price: 18,000 won (about  RM55 according to the website).

Here are two links I found to it on the internet Squid Ink HairDye
and  Squid Ink Colour Treatment.

That's solves the mystery, right?

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