Sunday, September 13, 2009

Product Review: Sothys Normal - Combination Face Care Regime

When I found out that M is an avid fan and user of Sothys facial care products for the last 3 years, she was the person in the position to best ask about the value worthiness of the Sothy face and skin-care range.

During our trip to Frasers Hill recently, she had time to further explain the Sothys Normal to Combination Face Care product regime to me.

Sothys Face Care Range for Normal to Combination Skin:

Step 1) Normalizing Beauty Milk ( make up remover cleansing milk)
- Smooth & Soft Cleanser to normalize and protect the skin.
Results: Resilient & Soft Skin
Key Ingredients: Grapefruit & Coconut Oil.

Step 2) Morning Cleanser (Cleansing Gel)
-A very mild & slightly foaming cleanser to gently clean away impurities
Results: Calm & avoid skin tightening.
Key Ingredients: Vitamin B5 and F, Camomile.

Step 3) Desquacream (Enhancer)

-Eliminate persistent impurities & soften subcutaneous blackheads
Results: Eliminate impurities, radiant complexion.
Key ingredient: Astringent & Lipo Amino Acid.

Step 4) Normalizing Lotion (Toner)
-Non alcohol based lotion to balance & protect the skin
Results: Resilient & Soft Skin
Key Ingredients: With Hazel, Cucumber.

Step 5) Hydra-Protective Cream (Moisturizer).
- A rich, soothing cream with Divatonyl
Results: Diminishes small skin imperfections, hydrated skin.
Key Ingredient: Divatonyl

Skin Type Suitable For: Normal to Combination Skin

Weather Type : Used in Malaysian weather

Age range suitable: M was in her early 20s when she started using the Sothys range of face care products, and has been using it ever since.

Price Range: RRP is RM1,000++ for the entire set of Sothys face-care line of products.

Recommendations: M states that the Sothys range works well for her. Out of the entire range, M states that if there is only one product she could only afford, it would be the Normalizing Lotion (Toner) as she states that it is good for blemishes and acne. Upon application, the solution dries up the problem areas.

A further review of the products above will be written later. Do wait for this space!


Shirley said...

Sothy is too high end but i love Sothys products much !!!

CheaKyGal said...

Hello, Hello darling!!

I'd like to try out Sothys as well, but i know its crazy expensive. My cousin, M, knows the Director of the salon, but she's not given that much discount either.

I think the prices of the products are quite controlled?

The facial treatments are bit more cheaper in a package, coz its a sothy's partner, but still as good from what I hear.


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