Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Humongous Skin Care Closet..

Wondering what's in it?

In case anyone is trying to canvass me to get any more skin care products, here's THE reason why I am not able to afford any more!


                My Dressing Table...

1) 아르쌩뜨 에코- 테라피 Arsainte Eco-Therapy Daily Moisturizer
2) Arsainte Eco-Therapy Tonic With Essential x 2
3) Arsainte Eco-Therapy Extreme Moisture Cream (Day)
 4)위드 에센 (145ml)- Arsainte Eco-therapy -Tonic With Essential

5) Raspberry Slim & Lift Sleeping Mask (16,000 won only- but selling RM 90 in Malaysia!)
6) Natural Oatmeal Nutri Hand & Body Lotion
7) White Tree Ex- Vita Serum
8) Home Aesthetic Pack- Hydrating Milk Pack
9) HERB DAY- Cleansing Foam- Clarifying Acerola 170ml

10) Mikamsu- Cleansing Lotion (with a pump) 200 ml ( 클렌징 로션) x 2
11) Mikamsu- inbath cleansing light oil. (with a pump) 150ml
12) Mikamsu- Water & Lip Eye Make up remover (100ml)
13) Mikamsu- cleansing foam 150ml (클렌징 ) x 2

14) FLEBEAUTE COLLAGENIC thermage lifting essence (에센스)
16) FLEBEAUTE COLLAGENIC  Control Massage Cream

  17) All kinds of other samples from THE FACE SHOP  for buying in South Korea...
- Hyaluronic Acid - Essential Mask Sheet
- 15ml samples of Arsainte Eco-Therapy- Daily Moisturizer
- 15ml samples of Arsainte Eco-Therapy- Tonic with Essential
- 15ml samples of Wrinkle -Stop -Emulsion
- 15ml samples of Wrinkle Stop - Toner
- box of The Face Shop cotton pads

18) All other samples from other South Korean beauty retailers...
- box of Etude House cotton pads
- box of Missha cotton pads
- skincare samples from Innis Free
- skincare samples from Laneige


1) Nanosome Hydrating Serum (35ml) - (AUD45.00) For Correcting Wrinkles With Collagen.
From: Hyun Ju onne on my birthday.

Singapore Link: Click Here
Korean Link: Click Here


1) [ 스타일] 스타일 퍼펙트 아이라이너 -1
The Style- Perfect Pen Eyeliner. 5,500

2) [ 스타일] 스타일 피틴 아이즈 아이라이너- 1
The Style Fit-In Eyes Gel Eyeliner. 4 grams. 12,800

3) [ 스타일] 스타일 퍼펙트 컨실러 (라이트 베이지) - 1
The Style- Perfect Concealer 3 grams- 3,300

4) [ 스타일] The Style- Perfect Mascara Power Curling- Black-  4,800

5) 퍼펙트 커버 비비 크림 (21)- 1
M. Perfect Cover B.B Cream. 50 ml - 15,800 x  2.

6) Fruits Mix Sheet Mask- given free as sample.


1) Hydrating C Collagen Mask x 4 sachets (RM142.20 for 5 sachets)



1) 6 x 30ml Soins De Mains (Hand Cream) 30 ml
(SGD 80.00 on Tiger Airways- TAX FREE!!)
  • 2 x Cherry Blossom Hand Cream
  • 2 x Shea Butter Hand Cream
  • 2 x Honey & Lemon Hand Cream.

For the website, click here.
Ampoules in total, costs only RM50.00 + 
1) Tea Tree Clarifying Ampoules (4ml) x 8.
2) Eye Care Ampoules (3ml) x 8
3) Arbutin Lightening Ampoules (4ml) x 9.
4) Biopeptides Oxygenating Ampoules (4ml) x 9


These two little products cost almost RM100 in total!
1) Aloe Vera Eye Defense 15ml
2) Seaweed Pore Perfector 15ml

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ah~girl said...

hi, i know its a bit late. but may i know if u have seen any effects on the beauty cottage arbutin ampoules?
thank you! ^^


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