Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Malaysia: Touches De Siam@Midvalley

This afternoon, I was dragged to Mid Valley by a Long Lost MIA (Missing-In-Action) acquaintance during my lunch break to this reflexology centre called "Touches De Siam- An Oasis for Body, Mind and Soul". It was located in P2, near the parking lot.

It was the first time I had ever entered the place, but the second time I heard glowing recommendations of this reflexology centre. First by a friend, Shirley, who was once worked in the beauty & lifestyle area, and today by my friend, Zen. She had a really bad shoulder, and hence decided to drag me to Touches De Siam for the painful torture.

Zen opted for the Half Body Massage (RM42 inclu.5% tax) which ran for 30 minutes.

Apparently the place charges treatments apart from tax, so you'd have to calculate in the tax (like how one does at most fast-food restaurants in Malaysia).

Zen laid on the reclining chair and had the "aromatic eye pillow" placed on her eye for the entire duration of the massage. She seemed pretty comfortable, but I did not really linger around too much. The masseur did perform some "acrobatic-like" stretching and massaging on her.

At the end of the treatment, she was given a cup of ginger tea. Zen also gave some money as tips to the masseur for the job well done. I would deduce she was quite happy with her massage.

The lights were dimmed down, with most of the brightness coming from outside the reflexology centre, but it was not so dark that you could not see. There were long reclining chairs, which was placed in an enclosed area for privacy so passerbys could not actually look in from the outside. The reclining chair area was zoned for customers who opted for half body treatments (from waist up), or foot massages. Further to the left, were separate rooms with curtains drawn for customers who opted to do the full body massage.

Payment could be made by both cash, and credit card, and treatment packages were available for sale. The company also has arrangements with tour groups from China offering free "land travel" to Guilin, and other destinations, which I thought was a pretty good deal.

The place was clean. I'd have opted to take the massage, however I was not in the state of mind to do a massage. The fact that this reflexology centre has more than 20 outlets, and with the glowing recommendations from my friends who keep returning to Touches De Siam, I thought I may one day give it a try. Just not today.

Location address:
Lot NP2-K1, P2 Floor,
Midvalley, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2287 2881.

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